A series of articles by Hanz Petrov discussing the use of the _Framework class to build your own MIDI remote scripts.

  1. Introduction to the Framework Classes

Support Files

Introduction to the Framework Classes Part 1

Introduction to the Framework Classes Part2

  • John

    Hey, I'm not sure if anyone is checking this but is it possible to delete session clips through the Ableton Python API?

  • ST8

    Afraid not, you need to use some sort of keystroke emulation

  • Foklin

    Hi there not sure if this is the right place but i'm a completely noob to this scripting stuff, i'm trying to have a 4X4 grid (redbox) on a mpd32 i only need that nothing else.
    Does anyone know where can i start or if is there a place to get it?

  • gerry

    Hi, this is excellent work. Can you fix the 8.1.3 decompiled script link?

  • BigCatRoach

    Is there any way to make the “red box” 8×8. i have changed my template to add the last row at the bottom. It works but there is no text/color feedback on that bottom row.