1. LiveControl receives information from Live but doesnt trigger anything

    Usually this is because another program is already using the port, in the max window you’ll see an error saying cannot bind to port. You need to find out what program is using that port and kill it. On osx run lsof -i -P from a terminal, on windows netstat -ao

  • gudmundur

    how do i use python with touchosc and ableton

  • gudmundur

    how do i use python with touchosc and ableton

  • The Screen will only flip in one direction. When i have the iPad in the Apple case, set up in the 'wedge' shaped stand like so:


    LiveControl will only flip so that it is viewed upside-down. Setting the iPad up in this case makes it very comfortable to use in my studio, but impossible to use correctly with LiveControl…

  • Jason

    I have the same problem.

  • robopants

    I get my iPad to receive all data from Live but it wont send. I'm using the same settings and setup as i did yesterday when all worked. What should i check first?

  • greyfox18

    I can't get the program to rotate at all. anybody have an answer to this?

  • Tony

    When you're in the main screen of TouchOSC (where it shows Network, Layout, Options), turn your iPad upside down (so the Home button is on top), and let the screen rotate around. Then lock the iPad so it won't rotate again. Touch “Done” and your layout should work for you with the wedge case.

  • ST8

    ips may have changed, so those should be the first thing you check 🙂

  • xtraman

    hey just wondering if there was a way to set up more than one ipad/ipod in one ableton live set with the feed back??

  • ST8

    Thats a damn good idea, i'll look into adding support for multiple ipod/ipads soon 🙂

  • xtraman

    that could be the way to add an crossfader or something
    have one the the regular live control app and the other ipod have the crossfader =p

  • Seth

    Looks gorgeous, but given the ipad version has 7 rows of scenes, yet the red box / only synchs clip names (and highlights) the first 4. ???

    Yet if I tap one of the remaining rows of clips, it properly triggers that row in Live.

  • Seth

    Nevermind! I looked closer at the LiveControl app, and saw the checkbox for “yes, I'm using an ipad”. That fixed it!

  • Rob

    When I click install to copy the MIDI Remote Scripts from the LiveControl program, it says in the status bar that it is copying the files but it doesn't seem to does so, and so it never shows up in the list of Control Surfaces in Ableton's Preferences. Got Python installed and the config file is right. Any help?

  • Just ONE little suggestion…

    When jumping through clips on the iPhone it'd be cool if I could go down one at a time and not have to hold shift. Maybe as part of the config tool you could give users the option to tweak little things at build time, stuff like shift/shift toggle functionality

  • Ben Sampson

    I have tried to install on Windos 7 64 bit home edition and I get the following

    Traceback (most recent call last):
    File “LiveControl.py”, line 7, in <module>
    File “pybonjour.pyo”, line 88, in <module>
    File “ctypes__init__.pyo”, line 415, in __getattr__
    File “ctypes__init__.pyo”, line 340, in __init__
    WindowsError: [Error 126] The specified module could not be found
    Traceback (most recent call last):
    File “LiveControl.py”, line 7, in <module>
    File “pybonjour.pyo”, line 88, in <module>
    File “ctypes__init__.pyo”, line 415, in __getattr__
    File “ctypes__init__.pyo”, line 340, in __init__
    WindowsError: [Error 126] The specified module could not be found
    Traceback (most recent call last):
    File “LiveControl.py”, line 7, in <module>
    File “pybonjour.pyo”, line 88, in <module>
    File “ctypes__init__.pyo”, line 415, in __getattr__
    File “ctypes__init__.pyo”, line 340, in __init__
    WindowsError: [Error 126] The specified module could not be found

    Please help

  • tuFFz

    Hey, i gotta Question!
    If the Clipnames are very long, LiveControl shortens them. I changed the Labelsizes in TouchOSC but there are only 8 Letters shown. How can i see more?

  • DNA_Cali

    Please add some documentation on the Mix 2 iPad layout. I am problems getting that to work! Also, whenever I switch layouts, the TouchOSC app crashes on my iPad.

  • DNA_Cali

    Meant to say, “I am _having_ problems…” 🙂 🙂

  • ST8

    mix 2 layout? you should only be using the LiveControl layout with LiveControl 🙂

  • ST8

    I can add an option in the config file for string lengths. If you can fancy manually editing the python open up Program.py and change line 158, length += 5 to whatever you want 🙂

  • LB

    Hi all, My Midi tabs drum pads and keyboard is not working, can u post more info about the set up….please! Thx guys great job!

  • DSR5775

    very very nice and useful on iPad with Ableton 🙂 but i have some troubles.. 1. In Device adding more than 8 parameters skips the first in Bank 2. All following parameters have wrong names.
    2. Please add 8 Buttons to the Rotaries in Devices. Would be perfect with Kore Player to emulate a complete Kore Controller 😉 sorry, but i have no idea about editing that perfect LiveControl Template. Please add the 8 Buttons.
    3. Master Fader works in Launcher but not in Mixer. strange..
    If that would be fixed i´d really consider to sell my Remote SL Zero.. anyone interested? 😉
    cheers, great job!

  • george

    looks all very nice.
    does it handle more than 8 tracks?

  • george

    is it customizable? can i edit the pages with touch osc editor? or else?

  • ST8

    yes it *shows* 8 tracks at a time, but you can scroll through as many as you like

  • ST8

    sure you can

  • ST8

    i'll check this out, probably a bug at this end 🙂

  • Braindub

    Hi, thanks ST8 for all you work.
    I thought building something similar with Max4Live but your script rocks! I am impress by the feedback response and navigation. I dreamt I could have done somthing similar with Max4Live, but that far? It would have take me ages and would have been more unstable or CPU consuming. I will definitively have a closer look to remote scripts and Phyton.
    I am playing with ipad on mac and I really thankful for your valuable work here!
    Now I am wondering if I could use both an ipdad and an iphone (with their own touchOSC's templates provided in your packages). How should I build my LiveControl configuration?
    Does the option 'Using an iPad' will prevent any 'iphone' communication? Should I add a route with my iphone ports? Maybe this is obvious…

  • DSR5775

    Hi 🙂 thanx for replayand checking. I use Live 8.1.3 OSX and now i´vetried it out with various Plugins, always the Parameter 9 Name in Devices glitches so all following are wrong. Somekind of counter failure..? Guess not to hard to get rid of though it works really fine.
    Do you think its possible to add 8 Buttons to the Devices? Often there are Buttons to assign and its really not optimal to use them by rotaries.
    As mentioned, Master Fader works in Launcher but not in Mixer. I wonder why nobody else had that, or am i writing in the wrong place here?

  • george

    can i use other osc apps like synthpond or rain along with touchosc and livecontrol via osculator/m4l/pd? e.g. multitasking osc apps and clients?

  • 5meohd

    In “installation” you have step 1 as “configure touch osc in the editor? When I open the editor on my mac osx leapord nothing pops up…. the tool bar at the top of my screen switches as if there were a program open.. but there is no window nor any file..edit..view functions etc..

    Is the d/l link over at hexler broken? I d/led twice on two different macs… or am I just COMPLETELY RETARDED!!


  • 5meohd

    I must be the thickest.. so I was reading about about “where/what is config file” and it says its the livecontrol_to.txt file included in the zip…? all it i get is a file called LiveControl (your app?) LiveControl.touchosc and LiveControl_iPad.touchosc & readme.txt

    but thats it?

  • Stefan

    Ableton says: “Could not send outgoing data, check your network settings”

    Following the readme.txt, I can now move around the red box + interface with Live using TouchOsc. Awesome! However, each time I send data, Live argues that I should check my network settings. Where do I begin?

    TouchOsc settings (iPhone):
    Port out: 5000
    Port in: 5001
    Local IP:

    Live settings (8.1.3):

  • ST8

    those all look fine, i need to see a picture of the LiveControl configuration tab too.

  • ST8

    you cant use more than one device at once at the moment, hopefully in a future update though.

  • Mark

    This program alone makes the iPad worth owning. Fantastic.

    Unfortunately something's seriously wrong for me. Having LiveControl as a control surface in Ableton does not work well. If I select LiveControl TO it takes a long time for it to activate, and once it's on it slows the whole program down, making Live take several minutes to boot up and close. Sound playback is also slowed right down and Live in general is really unresponsive. My friend has it running perfectly though. Would you have an idea of what might be the issue for me?

    Seriously incredible work though!

  • Mark

    Oh, and FYI, I'm using OSX 10.6.4 to run it. I've tried installing it again with no success.

  • ST8

    What version of Live? Are you using IP addresses or bonjour host names? I know resolving those can sometimes stall the program. Try selecting “use ip addresses” and hitting save configuration

  • Stefan

    So I'm trying this from my blackbook right now:

    Live 8.1.3, OS X 10.5.8

    – I can't find an install of LiveControl. Should I just store the program in Applications so I can launch it or do changes? Sorry if this comes acroos as very basic.
    – When launched, I'm missing port number information in LiveControl prefs. Is this normal?
    – Should the chosen bus in Live also be a particular bus in the OSX Midi settings, as well as the same bus (I'm trying to use 4) in LiveControl?
    – How is it the busses in my Live settings aren't as descriptive as those seen in the LiveControl setup example?
    – Initially LiveControl actually worked on this computer, but enabling the router for pad control had it stop working.

    I've gone over it a couple of times but I'm apparently blind to what is not working. Any help would be much appreciated.

    Here are four screen shots:

  • ST8

    hey stefan

    (1) yes just copy the app into Applications. Eventually i'll package this all up nicely into a dmg, not quite got that far yet 🙂

    (2) port numbers are now hidden as you shouldn't need to change them unless you are doing something special. if you need to change them tick “advanced settings” and they'll appear.

    (3) your midi settings look fine, the same bus as selected in Live is set for output in LiveControl

    (4) You can rename your buses in the IAC driver section by double clicking them

    (5) *Id suggest you try using IP addresses instead of bonjour host names, might be struggling to resolve the host names*

  • Hi there,

    Fantastic work! Renders my launchpad pretty much pointless now :D. Just a question about the device page, though – I've been able to get midi learn to work on one of the rotaries, but no more. The first one works, the others, nothing. All other pages seem to work as intended, so I have absolutely no idea why on earth the rotaries are doing bugger all. Any ideas?

    Thanks in advance!

  • ST8

    They are not midi learnable, thye show 8 parameters at a time from the current device (like the apc), you need to make sure your device has some parameters. Try dropping say an ableton reverb onto the track, the parameters for that should appear.

    If its a 3rd party vst you need to toggle the little arrow in ableton to show the parameters, then hit configure and select some parameters inyour vst. They should be mapped through to ableton, and TouchOSC.

  • Ah, of course! didn't occur to me to try that instead of through the instrument GUI. Thanks!

  • About the keys and pads. I noticed if I hit two keys at the same time there's an audible delay before the 2nd note of the chord is played. Is this normal? Thanks, Phil

  • Mark

    This seems to have done the trick! Thanks a lot ST8!

  • Androm

    Can i use this with LIVE version 5??

  • Jobot

    Hey ST8:

    First off, amazing work… I'm so glad I don't have to use OSCULATOR!

    But I have run into some issues…

    I can get it to connect and interact with Live's Arrangement view and such, but when I configure it to attempt to do drumpad/Keyboard input, it doesn't match up with anything in Live, it still does the control sends, and I can still control the clips and such, but I can't play midi into any of the instruments, in live, in the top left corner where it shows sends and receives, it shows it's receiving a signal, but doesn't do anything in the channel, I've ensured that the setup is according to your guide, and like I said, still inputs normal clip sends and such, but no midi.

    also, another thing is that it doesn't show the correct labels for certain items, a main thing being the top tabs and like octave change… I've been navigating based off of the screens on your guide. Attempting to upload picture:


    Any ideas? I'm not terribly attached to the drum machine/keys, would be nice… but the code-talk on the tabs and such make it kinda difficult, heh.

    Otherwise, it works mostly… so I really enjoy it, and most importantly, NO OSCulator!

  • Thatkidduffy


    I'm really looking forward to using this and have it installed on my iphone 4 and my laptop (running vista and live 8.1.3). Only issue is that even though the live control window says it is copying the files to my ableton folder, it doesn't actually seem to copy anything. As a result, I cannot select livecontrol_to from the midi control surface menu.

    Any ideas?


  • george

    hi st8!
    livecontrol works great for me, thanx a lot. i did some customization and have it running almost perfectly to my needs.
    1 think missing: show/hide plugin window(alt+cmd+p) shortcut. how can i add a button for that?

  • Kyungjinchoi

    I get a “could not bind to incoming ip”-error… I use ipad with mac book and live all in new versions and snow leopard… Please help.

  • Kyungjinchoi

    Have it… Thanks, super nice control here!

  • Skrooloose

    Hi there, great interface and it's working madly on my iPhone and iPad. Just a quick question. Is it possible to change say the Volume control on the master fader on the Scene Page to control the Crossfader? Right now there seems to be a control for almost everything except crossfader.

  • Oleh

    I get exactly the same. On windows 7 ultimate.

  • Djshine

    Hey there, is anyone having issues loading the livecontrol template into touch osc. I keep getting connection timeout errors and its pretty frusterating. To make matters worse i was trouble shooting and found that i can upload any other touch osc template i create , onlu the livecontrol keeps flaking out. So the i got the bright idea to edit the livecontrol patch and i figured perhaps its not transmitting due to the size of the file or something, so i deleted the last two pages and blammo…. She uploaded to thr ipad…. Onlu issue is i dont have any control ove rthe. Drums or keys page…. Odd eh?

  • i have the same problem,but i tried deleteing the last 2 pages with no luck and still cannot upload it.templates i creat myself are uploaded with no problem at all yet live control will not:(

  • Mark

    I was actually going to post with a similar problem. I haven't had any problems loading the template into TouchOSC, but I do have constant connection problems. Every five or ten minutes the template will stop responding in TouchOSC, receiving nothing from Live for a minute or so. It's a bit frustrating but for basic studio work I can work around it just by quickly deselecting/reselecting LiveControl as a control surface in Live. I'd really love to start using LiveControl on stage though and it makes this not really feasible. It would be awesome to work on what the issue is here.

  • Felix

    First it works… But today i want to start and ableton says all the time… “check your networt settings”

  • ManOS

    Hello, i am having some issues with livecontrol
    Everything is installed python, bonjour services, ableton 8.1, touch osc in iphone
    i start Livecontrol, settingup with bonjour and with manual ip, ports send 5001 and recieve5000 also the files for ableton they are in the correct directory

    next i start ableton i choose LiveControl only from devices
    ableton in the down yellow area says that its ok to recieve from livecontrol messages

    in iphone- touchosc i set everything and start the livecontrol GUI.

    Nothin happens on ableton and nothing happens on livecontrol in iphone
    no indicators flashing no midi messages send or recieve from both,

    Any ideas?????????

    Windows 7
    ableton live 8.1
    iphone 3 with iOS4

  • reese

    you have to run the LiveControl.exe as an administrator

  • AT

    Whenever I try to add LiveControl TO as a Control Surface (On Ableton's preferences > Midi), Live crashes.
    I would love to be able to use it.

    I'm using Ableton Live 8.1.4 on Windows XP, midi yoke is installed, and I was able to connect LiveControl panel to the iPhone app easily. I've also configured the router to be on.

    Has this happened to several other people yet?

    Thanks in advance!

  • Guest

    same here…64bits issue?!
    damn microsoft

  • Guest

    ok just need to RTFM !!! sorry 🙂
    install bonjour:

  • Maartenhofman


    Maybe i’m wrong but where in the download zip file can i find the “livecontrol_to.txt” file?

  • Reflex58

    Is it possible to run 2 IpadsIphone with Live control

  • Tranceraven

    Help, I don’t have the Live Control TO listed in my control surfaces list. How come? I tied to copy the “LIVE” little thing to very single Live 8.1.4. folder in my computer, stil its never listed.How come? Hw can I know for sure wich folder does it have to be?

  • KAR

    Same here…no Live Control TO in my control surfaces.

  • g-man

    is there a way to record takes of triggering clips? I’ve done this with midi cc’s and a midi track but is it possible with a control surface? Then arrangements could be recorded on the fly…


  • Guest

    nice app:) thx
    do you think it’s possible to add some accelerometer(+gyroscope: 6axis) support!!!
    at this time it’s possible to route osc (any port other than 5000) thru a M4L device catch the /accxyz and send back the osc to live control app on port 4000
    but it’ll be awesome to have a dedicated page, like the XY one directly in touchosc
    take care

  • installed it, works fine with touchosc control surfaces.. but… if i start live without the live control running and linked to an iphone, live hangs. the hang is repeatable, live only works when livecontrol is running an linked to an iphone/ipad. in my settings controller 1 is an apc40 (which is not connected), and controller 2 is LiveContrtol_TO. if i make controller 2 “none”, then live does not hang..

    might be something to do with not handling the situation where livecontrol is not linked – you should be passing control onto the next controller in the list..

  • Funktion254

    Can anyone help out with why LiveControl isnt showing up in my midi control surfaces list!? It is absolutely driving me crazy. Everything works and seems to be ready to go.. any help??

  • ytsek

    On the iPad I’m the Launcher tab. I can’t go to the other tabs Mixer, Device, etc…
    Is there something wrong in my config?

  • Obri3n

    Same here, please help: obri3n@gmail.com

  • chriswinn

    I’m having the same issue. Oddly I never had this problem before and I have been using LiveControl for a few versions now. Still for some reason deleting those pages sorted it.

  • Toni

    In my Live libery the LiveContol is not unter “L” is at the End of the List after “Z”, maybe it’s the same by you?
    Sorry for my english, I’m from Germany

  • Giovanni Ghisleni

    i can’t see the new page of track control in ipad layout… i’m wrong with something?
    and in clip page i can”t see colors but only a text with the color …. excuse me for bad english…

  • Wim_xsyst

    ive got a problem. I have the red square,live sync with ipad but i can not send midi data out.
    I can not trigger anything. Whats the difference between livecontrol 1 & 2.
    Who can help me ?

  • Polimorfos

    same here!!

  • Bollum

    thanks for this great work !
    i use it on win64 and a ipad… its fantastic 😉
    but i have one problem.
    on every start from livecontrol.exe,i must deselect the midiports it used by other input gear like a masterkeybord and apc 40….
    otherwise the livecontrol block the midiports and its not possible to use they in live.
    it is very bad, thats not possible to save the settings of the selection of the midiports in livecontrol.

  • Planewalker

    Awesome program! I will definitely donate once a few bugs are worked out.

    The main bug is with the keyboard. The keyboard does not work properly. The top octave works fine, but in the bottom (higher) octave only the four leftmost keys work right. After that, the E key actually triggers an F note, the F key triggers an F# note, and so on, with every key actually triggering note higher than it should. The B key does not trigger any notes. Fix this and the app will be perfect!

  • animalsal

    Running TouchOSC 1.6.1, Ableton 8.1.3, on an iPhone 4.0.2 and TouchOSC crashes EVERYTIME I load the Livecontrol layout… have everything setup exactly as given.. Any ideas what it could be? I restarted everything numerous times but still crashes within 3 seconds of opening

  • SomethingBlue

    I had to extract the installer folder, rename it to LiveControl_TO and then put it in the MIDI Remote Scripts folder of my current Ableton program folder. In Windows, its under ‘Resources’

    The good news is that it now pops up in Live. The bad news is that the only midi I am getting is drums/keys with no red ring or handshake.

  • Simo

    hello, i have a question.. can I use and if yes how I can use live control with different devices like 3 or 4 ipad?
    many thanx and have a good day!

  • Prodijital

    Hello and thanks for this amazing work!
    I have a little question here: since I use Reason in Rewire in my Live 8 (on Mac), Livecontrol crashes. Is it normal or I have missed something?

  • Laff303

    I have got 2 iPads running but… It works as a master & slave. The slave has no feed back. Please help.

  • Vic

    Also want to use multiple devices
    Will require more than one LiveControl TO control surface in Ableton preferences.
    Perhaps the installer could allow devices selection. So the midi remote scripts are fixed to the correct device ip. This will correct any port binding issues. It would be good to append the device name to the midi script folder name for identification
    In this model your would run the max exe for each attached device.

    I am aware that you probably do not need any advice.

    Your software is awesome. it is why I got my iPad. I could not be happier.

    Keep up the great work!

  • Seanhalas

    Great app. One problem, I can’t get pads or keys to react to the instrument I have selected. Ableton shows midi signal coming in but no avail.

  • I seem to be the only one having this issue… Everything works perfectly (Live 8.2), but for some odd reason the Piano roll and drum pads don’t play the instrument I have selected– they play a piano. I don’t have any pianos in my Live set, so that’s kind of odd.

    Is there some “play piano” setting that I’ve missed in the setup? Everything else works great.

    Thanks for all your hard work.

  • Anonymous

    Oh hang on, you need to select the appropriate midi channel in the LiveControl.app, sounds like you’ve got Wavetable GM Synth or whatever its called selected. On windows you’ll need midi yoke installed.

  • Paul

    Hi, this is fantastic software, but I’m having one problem: I don’t get any ‘text feedback’ back to my iphone, ie. the clip names and the functions of each button are blank. So the controls all work but I’m kind of guessing at what each one is going to do.

    Any thoughts?



  • Doruktoronto

    totally poor tech support from touch osc and livecontrol . .too many patches and softwares has to be installed to get it running. sucks big time becouse installation tutorial is horrible. . i got touch osc for my ipad. i installed midiyoke and pure data. got livecontrol as well. even i picked livecontrol TO as a surface. but still i cant get through. Ableton Error is cannot bind with Livecontrol TO and check network settings. i got a novation launchpad running onda side but i cant config the ipad. whats wrong with connection and what should i do to fix this network error? and why do i have do it with wi-fi ? can i use livecontrol and touch osc via usb.? please help..

  • Anonymous

    Ports set correctly in TouchOSC? should be 5000/5001

  • Anonymous

    Why are you running pure data?

    Delete LiveControl_TO from Lives MIDI Remote Scripts directly and reinstall using the very latest zip file + jar installer.

  • Doruktoronto

    removed pure data stuff and reinstalled livecontrol TO to remote scripts. i can see livecontrolto @ surfaces but still i am having cannot bind port error from live. i am under windows 7. i seen some peeps having trouble with livecontrol@win7. can be becouse of win7?

  • Paul

    Thanks for the reply; yup they’re set correctly but no joy. I’m going to reinstall python just now in case that might make a difference…

  • Paul

    I’ve tried reinstalling Python and my TouchOSC ports are correct, but still no luck with the text display. Can you suggest any other solutions?


  • Paul

    Sorry, should’ve mentioned earlier: I’m running a Black MacBook with Snow Leopard 10.6.3, and an iphone 3G with OS 4.0.2….

  • Did you ever get it to work, cos i have the same problem.

  • Marcomammn

    O have a problem, i use WITH Ableton LIVE 8 And only The drums And piano works… ):

  • Gilraitses

    i have the router enabled, and the keys/drums work. mostly the keys though because only the lower left corner drum pad button works, it triggers the ride cymbol. but none of the other buttons trigger drums… any suggestions or workarounds?

  • Klaus-Martin Gareis

    I try to install Live Control to use with TouchOSC. When I run the LiveControl Installer.jar it is running through but in the Live directory I see only an Application sign with a stop sign on it.
    Within Live I do not find any LiveControl_TO within the preferences.I watched the video, I read the instructions but I have no success. I am on OSX 10.7.3 with Ableton Live 8.3
    Thank you for your help.

  • How can I lock the maximum valume at 0 db in the mixer? 

  • rooster

    I’m running 10.6.6 and live 8.1 and I have the same problem

  • Phil K

    Hello, I have 2 problems with LiveControl:  1. It seems everything works that I have tried with Ableton Live 8.2.7 except the device activate button.  I drop a device onto a track, it shows up in the device tab in Touch OSC, the controls all work but when I push the device activate button (top left hand corner under window tabs all it does is change the state of the rotary encoder directly under it.  Can you help me understand why this does not activate and deactivate the device?  2. I tried to download the installer currently on your latest release area of the website and when I tried to run the installer, my computer  said it can’t run it.  It is not compatible with this computer.  I have an imac with intel 1.83 core duo proc.  I am running Snow Leapord 10.6.8.  I have already installed LiveControl previously?  

  • Phil K

    Any word on my issues with LiveControl?  thanks

  • Rcon303

    hello! i dowloaded livecontrol mac os x desktop but i have ppc g5 imac get architecture not suported erroR. is there a ppc version of this software?
    thanks for any info!

  • paolee

    Hi, I just don’t get how I can select a device for the xy pad. I would like to control an auto filter… can anyone help me? thanks

  • WhosTaylor

    in the touchosc edit, set the “to” range to .851. it’ll set the top of the volumes to 0. The only downside to this is you can’t fully pan to the right. Otherwise, it works out well for me.

  • Zeejay1

    anyone having issues with latency with the pads in the drum rack? 

  • Drastic

    I have exactly the same issue; No way to switch any device on/off. What’s the matter ? Mac 10.7.4 and Live 8.3

  • teamcooper

    sorry, noob question, BUT can i run this via my iodock (usb-midi) or do i need to go wifi? because via wifi I noticed the mentioned latency too.

  • teamcooper

     BTW. when i run touchosc with the livecontrol template, the livecontrolapp on my mac doesn’t recognize any input!

  •  Hello, did you get iodock working?

  • D0LL0FF

    i had it running last night but the liveControl program wont even open now… i reinstalled it and everything but no luck… any suggestions? 

  • Robert

    At the beginning of the instructions he gives very specific instructions on which programs are needed. But half way through he says you needd MidiYoke if you are using a Windows machine. I have a 64 bit machine but it doesn’t look like midiyoke is compatible. Any help here?

  • RealStyli

    Have been using it flawlessly up until recently when I upgraded to Mountain Lion on my Mac. Since then, Ableton doesn’t get messages but does send them to TouchOSC. So I can’t use TouchOSC as a controller but it does show what’s happening. It’s wrecking my head trying to figure it out. None of my settings have changed in Ableton, only the OSX update. Anyone have any ideas on this one? I’m not sure where the issue lies but my first thought is that maybe the ports have changed? I’m still set to 5000/5001 in TouchOSC.

  • Kojo1234

    Is it just me? I can’t seem to install this on Mountain Lion… Can someone please walk me through it if you got this to work, I’ve seen someone mention opening the insides of it with “show package contents” but that option is not available for me on the .dmg file… Help please.

  • horacioef

    Hello, I have dnssd.dll error

  • Simteks

    Hello, I am on a 10.6.8 OSX system and I am unable to open the Livecontrol Installer. It tells me “You can’t open the application LiveControl Installer because it is not supported on this type of Mac.”

  • can’t install on a macbook pro 1,1 coreDuo…says it won’t install on this type of mac…running snowleopard…work fine on my macbook 2,1 core2duo. Will livecontrol work on a coreDuo?

  • Very helpfull thanx i was having the same issue

  • Jiajun

    how did you solve it? I have the same problem

  • Jan

    When I open the *.dmg file there’s only a Live Control.app file, which won’t install on Snow Leopard, is there any chance, that someone could send me the *.jar file or upload it somewhere, I tried it and it won’t work without it.
    Thanks in advance.

  • Konstantinos

    Hi, I set up everything according to the instructions and I don’t see any midi messages going in Live 8.2 (Mac Os X 10.8.2) when I hit any of the buttons. I have midi in when I hit the drum buttons or the keys but nothing goes on to any other button. Can anyone please help, before I go buy Launchpad?

  • zeropointlab

    everything working, but only in one direction. can move filters in Ableton via mouse and see filters moving on i pad. opposite is not working. Idea?

  • Spewen

    Livecontrol constantly crashes after the first time it opens. Is there a problem under mountain lion as I have only experienced this issue recently? The app will bounce several times in the dock and then will simply close. Please help!

  • Sarah B

    Hi! Did you retrieve the .jar file? I have this same problem and need this file. Please send it to me if you have it! DJsarahb@gmail.com. Many thanks

  • Technohippy

    Hi My Ipad is getting information from the computer.. But none of my buttons work on the iPad and no Midi is being resisted in Live..
    I want to use my Quneo and LiveControl/ipad together.. Live Control worked until i tried to do this. Now its doing what i stated above. Help.. 🙂

  • Jay

    Hi ST8, great program you have here, but I’m experiencing a bit of trouble. My iPad is clearly receiving signals from Ableton, as it can tell when a track is playing, what tracks exist, etc. However, none of the signals being sent from the iPad are registering in Ableton; I can’t start/stop tracks, adjust levels, anything. I have LiveControl set up just as the instructions on hexler dictate, and it’s telling me that it’s receiving signals from my iPad. I don’t have any problems with LiveController_TO, and I made sure the Midi Yoke 1 track is on in Ableton (that’s what I’m outputting to from LiveControl). The one bizarre thing is that in TouchOSC, the outgoing port is set to 9000 by default rather than 5001, and when I manually change it to 5001 it continues to not send any signals to Ableton. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

    Windows Vista
    Ableton Live 8.2.2

  • live control is great, finally got it working correctly but im having problems with communication dropout when i move the grid down through clips, im running live 8.3.4 windows 7 64 bit, live control and ive tried almost every midi port option available and still get the same problem with each one, i know youre not really working on livecontrol 1 anymore, but any solutions that can help me?

  • make sure incoming port is set to 5000 and outgoing is 5001

  • go to properties before you run, and run as previous version of windows, should work fine

  • Hanco

    i have the same problem and cant seem to fix it , have you figured it out yet ?

  • matt

    I can have LiveControl running into Ableton live9 and it works fine, it triggers and changes effects perfectly! But when I went to configure the settings so that I can use the pads/keys I noticed that all the fields are blank and all the drop downs are blank. Anyone else having this issue? Any ideas on the fix?

  • Martin

    Can you use live control 2 with an iPad mini?

  • john

    Can Livecontrol be run on 2 or more devices at the same time without conflict?, I see livecontrol max software has only 1 instance for 1 device

  • AkaMed

    Hi everybody,
    as other users comment before, I am also able to run the faders and controls, but I cannot get any response with the keys and drumpads. But LiveControl is receiving MIDI data because if I select “Microsoft synthesizer” as the MIDI port in the LiveControl app window it sounds the piano through the speakers.
    It looks like Ableton Live is not receiving any MIDI input when I try to use the “TouchOSC Bridge” in the LiveControl app window (and also in the MIDI settings in Ableton Live).

    I have also tried with BOME’s virtual MIDI ports but no MIDI response also.
    I tried to see through MIDI-OX but I can’t see any incoming messages.

    Ableton Live doesn’t show any MIDI messages also, and I can’t select any TouchOSC MIDI input in the MIDI tracks, even when it’s activated in the Ableton Live’s MIDI configuration page.

    I’ve tried it with computers and the same Ipad Air. The desktop PC is Windows 8 Pro and Ableton Live 9 Suite and the laptop is a Windows 8.1 Pro with Ableton Live 9.1 Suite.

    Any ideas?

    Thanks in advance.

  • theo

    could someone please help me with the installation/configuration. I have done everything the video said and still can’t see my Mac on the iPad.


  • Boris

    I’ve setup according to instructions and TouchOSC on my iPad receives MIDI from Ableton Live on my laptop perfectly. If I move faders on Ableton Live, the corresponding faders move in TouchOSC, etc… but then the other way around doesn’t work: if I move the same fader on TouchOSC, it won’t move the corresponding fader in Ableton Live. I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one with this problem. Can anyone help me please?

  • fabian

    I hAVE WIN 7 android live 9 livecontrol 1 in live control ar only osc bridge :C

  • 1DAN

    so no one has an answer for this then?

  • Guest

    How mature is LiveControl now guys. Should I be looking to build a production web site using it yet?

  • Robin

    Is it possible to run two instances of LiveControl on two seperate iOS devices? My goal is to have the cliplauncher view running on an iPad, the label /4/title running on an iPhone (big label displaying the selected clip) and to use the actual sequencer on a Novation Launchpad.

    If not possible, would you guys be so kind as to release a remote script for just the sequencer label /4/title which doesn’t resort on the LiveControl application so I can work around the problem? I know I’m asking for a lot here, but what you guys have done for LiveControl seems like magic to me and I have no clue how to get this done myself (even after reading up on countless forums and documentations).

  • Robin

    I can run the LiveControl Windows application twice and connect two devices to Ableton (red box gets complimented by an additional yellow box), but in that case only one device can recieve messages from Ableton. I copied the control surface remotescript and renamed it, but I can’t find an option to have the second running windows application for LiveControl recognize that I want it to communicate through the second remote surface script.

  • david

    Hi, everything is working well between my ipad and my computer except the drums and keys of live control. I need some help please!!