LiveOSC provides an OSC interface for Ableton Live versions 8 and upwards on both Mac OSX and Windows. The monome discussion thread can be found here



  1. If you are running OSX 10.5.8 skip this step. Otherwise you must install Python 2.5.1
  2. Unzip the latest release which should give you a folder called trunk containing a folder called LiveOSC. The LiveOSC folder should be moved to Ableton’s MIDI Remote Scripts folder.
    • On Windows this is located in \path\to\ableton\Live x.x.x\Resources\MIDI\Remote Scripts
    • On OSX this is located in /path/to/ableton/ -> Right click -> show package contents. Navigate to contents/app-resources/MIDI Remote Scripts
  3. In ableton goto Preferences, Midi Settings. Select LiveOSC from the drop down list.
  4. LiveOSC accepts packets on port 9000 and sends data on port 9001
  5. LiveOSC comes with an Ableton Device Rack. If you place this as the first device on your master channel you can toggle the playing position and meter listeners on and off


LiveOSC has a number of queryable parameters and also supports listeners. Listeners do not need a polling call, they will automatically return when the property changes in the live set.

LiveOSC currently automatically observes clip playing status, clip colour and name, track names, devices and parameters, track parameters and a number of song properties

The full list of osc commands can be found here

Change Log

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    • Tom

      Hi, I have a question. I am able to send OSC messages to Ableton Live 8.0.1, like '/live/play' and '/live/stop'. This all through port 9000 on using PyOSC. However, I am not able to receive messages on port 9001 as it should. For example I've registered a handler for '/live/tempo', but no messages are delivered when I change the tempo in Live.

      Any clues would be appreciated!

    • Me too have the same problem..
      I've installed Python 2.5

    • SimyG

      Same here. I had to make a Max midi device with max for live to route messages from Live to my external device.

    • Jacky

      I’m facing this problem too.
      Only the live/start and live/stop works only, other than that doesn’t seems to work.

      Hope someone can give us some hints or help, thanks in advance.

    • JRubiales

      Hi, can you explain how did you solve this problem? Because I’ve tried everything and can’t receive a message from live

    • Martin

      Hi all, where do I find this mentioned Ableton Device Rack under point 5.

    • great stuff. works like a charm…..

    • Pastor John

      Mine will not control midi info  from master launch button.  Audio will trigger but without midi melody.  I have to click on the actual clip to hear the melody.   What’s up with this?  I tried it on several patches

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    • Benjamin Kuperberg

      Hi, fantastic project !

      Just a small correction i just saw while trying some commands :
      The documentation says that the /live/master/volume command takes 2 arguments (track, volume) , but from what i tested, it’s the first argument that is used to set the volume (which seems logical since there is only one master track) and the second one isn’t used at all, so to get the volume it would be “no parameter at all”, and to set the volume it would be “float volume” only.
      The /live/master/pan is also to be corrected.

      Apart from that, this is a wonderful project, and i hope you can find time and motivation to make it go even further ! (device parameter control, per-note midi clips events…)

      I’m completely rewriting my software BiKinect : and i intend to integrate liveOSC as a module of it, i will keep you in touch.

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    • Error in documentation: /live/device returns a list of values as /live/device/allparam not /live/deviceall/param

    • I’m looking at LiveOSC for something I’m working on, but having a problem dealing with names that include unicode characters. Has anyone dealt with that? The code as is seems to choke on them.

    • me

      in the map liveosc is a .adg called “LiveOSC Control”

    • ruben

      Hello! great tool!

      we´re working with processing trying to do some visuals for a ableton set of clips. working with “/live/name/clip” we can get the name of a clip to display in processing, but only when we rename it or move to another slot in ableton.
      Do you know if ableton sends through liveosc the name(string value) of a clip when is trigered?? thanks!

    • Brent

      Hi, is there any plan to have a version of LiveOSC compatible with Ableton 9?

    • MaciejLisCK

      What is the command name to play an note on track 0. E.g. when some track is selected, I can play an note by pressing a button. I would like to play an not using liveosc. There should be some command like /live/playnote 0 c3.

    • MaciejLisCK

      I mean ” I would like to play an notE using liveosc.”

    • tj

      3 years is too long to wait for an answer so maybe this will help. i just learned that in processing you can turn the volume on track 1(int 0) all the way up (int 1):

      OscMessage myMessage = new OscMessage(“/live/volume”);



      oscP5.send(myMessage, myRemoteLocation);

      and you are gunna wanna have myRemoteLocation set up like this:

      myRemoteLocation = new NetAddress(“localhost”,outPort);

      and you should most likely have outPort set as an int like 9000.

    • Raphaël Hoffman

      Hello, i can’t load live OSC control.adg into my ableton set up, is it because i have windows 8? (i’m running ableton 8.0.1).

    • ligomilitos

      Hi, I’m trying liveOSC with ableton 9 and would like to have a sound played in ableton triggered by an input coming from processing (say mousepressed). While the connection seems working with OSC messages like ‘/live/play’ and ‘/live/stop’, I can’t get the ‘/live/play/clip int int ‘ working. Ableton won’t play any clip… Thanks in advance for any help

    • jorge


    • colin bouvry

      Hello, I want to put custom message to OSC with live on the timeline to launch action. Is it possible ? If yes How ?

    • endo

      does it work with live 9 or is an update needed ? will it come ?

    • Karanko

      On windows 8 i managed to get LiveOSC working by removing the MIDI Remote Scripts.

    • Keith Greatz

      Been having issues getting anything on live control, finally after founding these scripts thought i was getting somewhere, they all come up in Ableton fine. In TouchosC it says “OSC: receiving only” just feel the issue is there, using Touchosc bridge on same network everything seems to be talking to ableton except the midi interface, any ideas?

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    • Dario Adames

      STOP BUTTOM for ableton live… anyones knows, how i create it?

    • Terry Clark

      Hi there,

      A group of us found that the new update of Ableton (9.6) throws up issues with your library, it does not show up into the preferences. So use 9.5 for now! Not sure if others are having this problem also

    • Pau Cabruja

      yep, i’m having the same problem,
      reinstalled 9.5

    • How strange. My other python scripts work fine in 9.6, but LiveOSC does not. Back to 9.5 for now…

    • please get this working with Ableton 9.6!

    • BrunelsHat

      I also had problems with 9.6 but I had a look at the logs and if you comment out the following lines in it works fine (assuming you’re not using secure sockets)

      # if _have_ssl:
      # _realssl = ssl
      # def ssl(sock, keyfile=None, certfile=None):
      # if hasattr(sock, “_sock”):
      # sock = sock._sock
      # return _realssl(sock, keyfile, certfile)

    • Cro Cux

      i have the same problem with ableton 9.6. We need a new MIDI Remote Script. I hope it’ll be fixed.

    • Cro Cux

      i only have 3 files called “” “” and “socket.pyc” but i dont know how to do it :/

    • Manjinder Benning

      found the docs here, the link above it dead

    • Shoutin Halls

      Awesome, I know absolutely nothing about code or coding but that worked!!!

    • Dan Powers

      Hi, I know this is an old post but I’m having similar issues sending commands through processing. Did you solve your problem, and if so, how? Thanks in advance, Dan

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    • Mayowa Tomori

      You can edit those too. It’s the “” file. That’s all it takes. And BrunelsHat, you’re a god!

    • Drade


    • Dennis Christopher

      Did you run this on OSX?

    • monitorchakas

      Trying to get LiveOSC to work inside Ableton Live 9.7 on Windows 10, using oscP5 as the Processing Library. Not recognising even a /live/play command. Help anyone?

    • Avrosh Kumar

      I commented this piece of code in on OSX Sierra (10.12) and it worked.

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    • cnyt

      In midi preferences, what should I expect to see after copying the files? There aren’t any options named LiveOSC under midi tab.

    • Antony

      Nothing appears in midi tab after copying LiveOSC folder in Live App

    • Balandino

      Any update for Live 9? I cannot get it work.

    • Balandino

      Same here. Any luck?