Monome Edition

LiveControl for the Monome allows full control of Ableton Live using your monome. It supports monome 64, 128, 256 and 512 and includes a number of programs.

Monome discussion thread here

Installation | Documentation

It is also part of my ongoing project to integrate an arduinome 128 with LCD displays to allow control of Ableton Live without a monitor.

Audio Demo

  • Rush

    Will this work for live 7?

  • ST8

    on windows yes, on mac no :/

  • maggamuff

    for mac only for live 8?
    but I need use max4live?

    with this cool software I can use my monome like a apc40 or a launchpad…right?

  • ST8

    works on mac and windows, but yes it needs live 8. Max for live is not required 🙂

    and yes it has a lot of similar functionality with the apc

  • maggamuff

    very very cool…but now I'm very confused…I don't if I need a monome 64 or 128…
    by the way is possible to move only up and down, or is possible left and right too?

    sorry for my bad english…

    anyway if is it possible I can save some money =)

  • Johbremat

    Looking forward to the opportunity to try this out.

    Might have to rope you into developing a solution for me involving the use of a monome128 and VCM-600: some of the money saved not having to buy M4L could line your coffers…

    *strokes chin*

  • Mudo

    Hi St8,
    check this:

    It could be GREAT native implementation from your app!

    I could help.

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  • Bryan_eidel

    didnt get a trunk folder to put in midi remote scripts just gave me the live control dmg
    is that what i put in midi remote scripts 

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  • Symboria

    How do I change devices? I’m stuff in Cliplauncher. I need to get to the Ste[p Sequencer

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  • Marcelo Mandaji

    please how can i make this work with live 9.7?
    im on windows