LiveControl is a MIDI Remote script that allows you to control Ableton Live directly from your iPad or iPod using TouchOSC. It supports full automapping and as such parameters do not need to be midi mapped, furthermore is does not require Osculator.

LiveControl currently supports Ableton Live 8 and upwards on Mac OSX and Windows

Installation | Documentation | Frequently Asked Questions

  • p2b

    I’m having trouble connecting. Some things I’m a bit unclear on.

    1) Does the “livecontrol_to.txt” just go right in my user directory alongside “Library” etc…?

    2) The instructions say: “Install the Template on your device (included in the zip file above)” I’m not sure where that is. Are those the png files in the “doc” folder? What are the steps to install the Template?

    3) I’m trying to use my MacBookPro which is networked with a iMac/web via wi-fi. I’m just not sure I’ve got the right local address. I thought I found the IP but it seems it’s actually the iMac’s. Now I’ve found my MacBookPro’s IP and that doesn’t work either. How can I find the right local address?

  • p2b

    I’m having trouble connecting. Some things I’m a bit unclear on.

    1) Does the “livecontrol_to.txt” just go right in my user directory alongside “Library” etc…?

    2) The instructions say: “Install the Template on your device (included in the zip file above)” I’m not sure where that is. Are those the png files in the “doc” folder? What are the steps to install the Template?

    3) I’m trying to use my MacBookPro which is networked with a iMac/web via wi-fi. I’m just not sure I’ve got the right local address. I thought I found the IP but it seems it’s actually the iMac’s. Now I’ve found my MacBookPro’s IP and that doesn’t work either. How can I find the right local address?

  • p2b

    Okay wait…I seem to have figured out most of my questions to a degree…I have LiveControl working receiving from Live to iPod but iPod to Live is not…no midi light in Live. Any clues as to what I might be doing wrong?

  • p2b

    Okay wait…I seem to have figured out most of my questions to a degree…I have LiveControl working receiving from Live to iPod but iPod to Live is not…no midi light in Live. Any clues as to what I might be doing wrong?

  • p2b

    Okay I got it!! Sorry for all the questions…turns out I needed the network IP not the name in TouchOSC…though I saw a video of someone using the name there (that’s why I tried it) TouchOSC does call it “name/IP address” Anyway really happy to have sussed it out. Thanks for all your work on this set up. Now one l last overarching question…Is there no way to do this with out a router/internet connection using p2p network or other way? How can you use this on a gig without a connection? Am I missing something?

  • p2b

    Okay I got it!! Sorry for all the questions…turns out I needed the network IP not the name in TouchOSC…though I saw a video of someone using the name there (that’s why I tried it) TouchOSC does call it “name/IP address” Anyway really happy to have sussed it out. Thanks for all your work on this set up. Now one l last overarching question…Is there no way to do this with out a router/internet connection using p2p network or other way? How can you use this on a gig without a connection? Am I missing something?

  • ST8

    On your mac you can try making an adhoc network and binding to those ip addresses.

  • ST8

    On your mac you can try making an adhoc network and binding to those ip addresses.

  • if you have bonjour running you can type in the name of your computer instead of the IP address, p2b.

  • if you have bonjour running you can type in the name of your computer instead of the IP address, p2b.

  • Mattp

    Hi, This is exactly what I’ve been waiting for. Is there no way it’ll work with Live 7 ?

  • Mattp

    Hi, This is exactly what I’ve been waiting for. Is there no way it’ll work with Live 7 ?

  • ST8

    Afraid not, the api is quite different between the two versions

  • ST8

    Afraid not, the api is quite different between the two versions

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  • Mattp

    That’s OK I decided to upgrade anyway and it all works a treat. Thank you.

  • Mattp

    That’s OK I decided to upgrade anyway and it all works a treat. Thank you.

  • Large

    Works great with my iPad! – When toggling between devices it sometimes loses the device-controls… a bug or due to the network? – Anyway, great work!!!! Its a poor-mans Lemur 🙂

  • Large

    Works great with my iPad! – When toggling between devices it sometimes loses the device-controls… a bug or due to the network? – Anyway, great work!!!! Its a poor-mans Lemur 🙂

  • Bonjour !

    After some time trying to understand why it didn't work on my computer* I finally succeed !
    First of all I thought it was an emulation on µ from jazzmutant, without the need of maxforlive and obviously the lemur. However, some points made this way more interesting:
    -the feedback on the volume faders (the green right and left levels) and in the clip launcher (position of the clip while playing).
    -Even if it's not very easy to use on an iPod Touch, the sequencer editor is magic, I was waiting something that works this way for a long time !!
    -the XY pad is … magic ! And so easy to use, I mean … just wow !

    I think this point that can be improved:
    -In the device tab, the on/off button on the corner left should be a toggle button. When the device is on in Ableton, the button should be red-filled, and empty when the device is off.

    I love the work you've done with livecontrol, I have no idea how you did it (I don't code…) but I think Apple sold another iPad, not because of their propaganda, but because of your LiveControl thing 😉

    Long Live to you !


  • Steo

    why it didn't work on my computer*

    *”On Mac OSX, if you are running Leopard the default version of python is 2.5.1 so no extra installation is required, however Snow Leopard ships with 2.6 in which case you will need to install python 2.5.1 from above”

    > that's why, I'm on snow leopard.


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  • zarbeat

    Have a few shows coming up.. may I make a shirt that says LIVECONTROL wins fk u lemur!!

  • ST8

    theres an update coming soon that fixes the device on/off problem, and adds some new features.

  • i'd like to say great job with this. i got it working pretty easily and it has HUGE potential. however, i have some feedback.

    firstly, the clip-launch buttons don't work as i would expect. i default all my clips to launch using repeat-mode so that if i hold the trigger button down it will repeat. using livecontrol it sends only a note-on message so in repeat-mode a clip will forever repeat. to be correct it should send a note-on when you hold down and a note-off when you release.

    secondly, the clip names are obviously filtered – seems like the spaces and vowels are all removed which is a silly assumption to make, no? i would also like to ask how many characters the ipad version supports? my clip names are sometimes up to 40 characters long and i would hope that this information can fit on the ipad-version buttons.


  • Naitsirk

    I am about to perform a sonic presentation for my degree in Music BA using TouchOSC – Livecontrol – Ableton (latest vers)

    On the iPodTouch, I do find it a little fiddly, there's always a danger of hitting the wrong parameter, and I've got a couple of suggestions that might just get me to donate if they're possible to implement in the future….

    1) There's no pads for making beats, this would be truly amazing, nine pads and an XY on the side for reverb splashes on snares etc….

    2) Clip record and play function…. at the moment, you have to go to another screen to arm record…then back to another screen to record a clip, then play it back….. it'd be good to be able to just un-arm the channel straight after clip recording….

    3) more pages with bigger buttons…. just half the channels and double their size maybe? otherwise iPad's are the only way I guess…

    anyway, you've done some superb work…. I really have got this running well here…. I've stored all WiFi settings in both devices and can fire up in no time and be controlling.

    Good work


  • xtraman

    That would be soo damm funny!
    DOO IT!!!

  • xtraman

    hey one again thank you for making this app!!
    it was the main reason why i bought a ipad and there is no way in the world that i have regretted buying one.
    i am the envy of all my beat maker buddies!

  • Will

    I've installed Live Control onto my Mac(for my iPad). The only problem that I am running into is that Touch Osc only works when I adjust Ableton settings from my Mac (as opposed to adjusting controls on the iPad). In conclusion, I am not receiving any response from the iPad. Everything else, as far as I know, is connected. ??

  • Mark

    As a Lemur and Mu User I am totally blown away by just running this on my IPOD – its made me order an IPad and the Lemur is up for sale !!

    WOuld it be possible to have a 2nd clip launcher screen that instead of it been 7 wide and 4 deep would be more suited to jamming arrangements in the studio, so 14 clips on one page – ie 7 wide and 2 deep (but twice) ??

  • Matt Riddell

    Any way it can be made so it works with the latest version of Python?

  • ST8

    you dont need python installed for this anymore. docs were updated a while ago.

  • Zarbeat

    It has pass the proof of fire!! :

    My name is Zarbeat(SiteHolder,Prosthetic Pressings) and I approve this amazing build!! great job ST!!

  • Daniel Doubeday

    OMG – this is soooo cool. Thanks a million!!! It just works.

    People donate! 🙂

  • LiveControl for ipad/ipod!

  • Phyrac

    would it be possible to add an option in the preferences where you can choose how many channels and rows you want in the cliplauncher? for example 7channels on the ipad is quite unlogic, compare to the 8 you get in Jazzmutant's Mu, which has the same screensize

  • Phyrac

    also, for clearer indication of the clips, it would be good that the pads in livecontrol have the same color as in ableton (but dimmed), and that playing clips have a bright green border (recording clips could have a red border) or light up brighter. pads that have no clips could then be greyed out for even better visualisation.
    it could also be an option in the preferences, to fit the needs for each user

  • ST8

    these are all limitations of TouchOSC. The next version of TouchOSC will support colour changes via osc i believe, so i should be able to make the clip colours reflect the live set. But for now they are stuck being red 🙂

  • Jason

    Hey ST8, any word on cue volume? That's one big thing that's lacking that the APC40 has. Best, Jason.

  • yes, you are asking what I have been searching for…is this a needed app if we already own the APC40??? Kinda seems like alot of work just to do less than what I already have does. Plz, correct me if I am wrong.

  • ST8

    yes this does a lot of what the apc does. if youve got an ipad its more like the lemur mu. Certainly not required 🙂

  • gudmundur

    help it doesnt work everytime i install it says an error in the livecontrol.exe.log

    Traceback (most recent call last):
    File “”, line 321, in OnOscService
    UnicodeEncodeError: 'ascii' codec can't encode character u'xf0' in position 2: ordinal not in range(128)
    Traceback (most recent call last):
    File “”, line 282, in _add_repeater

    ValueError: invalid literal for int() with base 10: ''
    Traceback (most recent call last):
    File “”, line 321, in OnOscService
    UnicodeEncodeError: 'ascii' codec can't encode character u'xf0' in position 2: ordinal not in range(128)
    Traceback (most recent call last):
    File “”, line 282, in _add_repeater

    ValueError: invalid literal for int() with base 10: ''
    Traceback (most recent call last):
    File “”, line 282, in _add_repeater

    ValueError: invalid literal for int() with base 10: ''
    Traceback (most recent call last):
    File “”, line 321, in OnOscService
    # #####################################################################
    UnicodeEncodeError: 'ascii' codec can't encode character u'xf0' in position 2: ordinal not in range(128)
    Traceback (most recent call last):
    File “”, line 539, in _install
    WindowsError: [Error 2] The system cannot find the file specified: 'src/'
    Traceback (most recent call last):
    File “”, line 321, in OnOscService
    # #####################################################################
    UnicodeEncodeError: 'ascii' codec can't encode character u'xf0' in position 2: ordinal not in range(128)
    Traceback (most recent call last):
    File “”, line 317, in _ss_router
    File “”, line 708, in __init__

    File “<string>”, line 1, in bind
    socket.error: (10049, “Can't assign requested address”)
    Traceback (most recent call last):
    File “”, line 282, in _add_repeater

    ValueError: invalid literal for int() with base 10: ''
    Traceback (most recent call last):
    File “”, line 282, in _add_repeater

    ValueError: invalid literal for int() with base 10: ''

  • ST8

    looks like a character set issue, whats your native language? and what characters have you put in your repeater name?

  • ST8

    ahh no this is another issue, it cant find the install files. Someone else had this issue. Windows 7?

  • Ofo

    I would like to know how to make it work with Live 7

  • ST8

    Live 8 only im afraid 🙁
    im using quite a few live8 only api calls

  • Hi,
    LiveControl is very great but it would be great if in the session view we had volume control and especially 8 tracks + master track.


  • ST8

    working on this at the moment 🙂

  • Wow! I love this app! It's justified buying an iPad for me. I can now sell off my Launchpad, Trigger Finger, Korg nanoPad and nanoKontrol. lols.

    One thing I have been looking for is a way to refresh the app with clips. Sometimes, I exit the app and go back in, but all of my clips are not labeled. Is there a way to do this within the app instead of going into Ableton preferences an deselecting and reselecting the midi controller?

    Keep up the great work and be looking for a donation from me. 🙂

    Kiko Lombardi

  • great ! thank you 🙂

  • ST8

    just hit up or down on the clip launcher, should refresh the page

  • Rhythmhead

    I can't believe it! It just keeps getting better and better. I just downloaded the latest update and the additions are sick. Big props on the drum and keys page. I just saw someone request it a few days ago and BAM there it is. ST8 you are the man. I am so glad I donated and will do so again. For everyone who is using this without donating, please donate you know it is worth it. It will keep getting even better if you do. Lets help dude out. He's totally changing the game.

  • Alex


    Loving Live Control… But is there a way to scroll in octaves in the Pattern Editor? If not, can there be? 🙂


  • ST8

    i assume you mean on the sequencer page? just press up / down

  • hello! first of all thanks for this jewel of an app.
    it will change the way we perform. i already used it in live sets.
    but i have the following problem:
    after a couple of opening of live 8.1.3 i have freezes at startup, i have to trash the entire application and install from scratch(so the midi scripts folder is reset) , then if i reinstall livecontrol all is ok for a few application openings once again, then again freeze.

  • btw im on macbook 13″ 2.0ghz intel core duo ,4gb ram, 250gb 7200 rpm custom internal hd, snow leopard ,registered ableton live 8.1.3

  • Kai


    thanks for this great application!
    It works fine, but I have some problems:

    On the iPad I don't get any updates about clipnames, or labels of triggers.
    Is there a solution about this?
    I googled about this, but there wasn't a satisfying solution.

    I'm using the new version of TouchOSC on iPad, using OS X 10.6.3 + Ableton Live 8.1, and of course Revision 123 of this great app here 😉

    Thanks for your help in advance.

  • Kai

    Oops, forgot something:

    I'm also unable to play keys or the drumset.
    I saw a video of automatically updating triggers if you move them in Ableton itself.
    I also tried to route the signal through OSCulator, but I failed extremely. 😉
    Is this implemented, or will this feature be given in the next version?



  • Kai

    Nevermind, solved the problem: Read the f'ing manual…

    Works great, thank you for your work!

  • Ben Sampson

    Yeah windows 7. Any ideas on how I can fix?

  • ST8

    Are you using bonjour host names or ips? Might be a problem resolving the hostname causing Live to be unresponsive for a while

  • ST8

    I'll give this a try on my windows 7 machine too. Looks like the paths are different which is weird.

  • I've lusted after a Lemur for quite a while now. Live Control and Touch OSC with the iPad gets me really close. I got it working last night and had a great time with it. I'm finding it a little wonky to get proper communication established. I run VMwares Fusion with Win XP on my Mac. I found that I have to reboot if Fusion was running even if I have shut Fusion down or else Touch OSC won't connect to my Mac. My selection box in Ableton is only 4 rows? Live COntrol will display track and clip names for only these four rows and not the other 3 available rows. I also found that I need to set the LiveCOntrolTo device to None and then back to LiveControlTo in Lives control surface setup in order to connect to Live.

    Very impressive but will need to be more bullet proof for someone who wants to perform with this setup.

    Mac OS 10.5, Live 8.1, Touch OSC 1.5

  • Michael Coelho

    I'm using the manual IP address set up. Bonjour is disabled on my Mac.

  • Michael Coelho

    I also had to disconnect my Launchpad because two selection boxes were displayed in Live. Is it possible to use Live Control and the Launchpad? I'll be donating when I get everything working solidly.

  • ST8

    theres a bug in the current release that doesnt remember the ipad toggle, hence your 4 rows instead of 7. For now, retick “Using an iPad” and hit save. That'll be fixed in an upcoming release 🙂

    Connection issues id need to look into in more depth. Does vmware fusion effect the network adapters? Or does it provide a virtual adapter or something?

  • Excellent! Thanks!

  • Would it be possible to include countdown timers for clips in the Launcher?


  • ST8

    thats not too hard to add i guess 🙂 on the clip length fader or something?

  • Chuntz

    HI, Love the potential of this app, excellent work well done. however i cant get my iphone to show in bonjour or as ip addy. Ive had osc working in traktor and have followed the destructions to the T but this bit doenst go to plan..

    “Goto the Configure tab. Start TouchOSC on your device and it should appear in the list of
    bonjour services. Select your device from the list and the remote ip address and send port
    should be automatically filled in”

    ive tried from scratch 5 times. anyone else had this and Im missing something?
    Again Ill happly donate when I get this working x

  • ST8

    think this is a bug, might be fixed in the next release!

  • yes! either on the clip fader or on the mute/stop button?

  • Dirtyfusion

    Just reloaded the new mac version with 8 tracks in mixer/launcher seems a bit buggy i.e. track 8 controls master channel, Master channel does not work, vol faders on launcher not working and grid does not correspond with ableton. prior to this all worked perfectly.

  • ST8

    you've not got “using an ipad” ticked. make sure you tick it then hit save configuration, then load ableton

  • Dirtyfusion

    I have checked all settings a number of times and still have same problems (as previously mentioned worked perfectly before update). Brilliant work and I will definitely making a donation.

  • ST8

    is using an ipad ticked when you load the

  • DSR5775

    Great Software on the iPad, but i have the problem that when i map parameters in Ableton, the first on Bank 2 in LiveControl is “skipped” and so all following have wrong names.. it comes back if you click on the parameters, but when changing the Bank in LiveControl again they´re wrong again..
    Anybody had that too?
    Hope this gets fixed soon.. just decided to exclude my Novation Remote SL Zero to replace it by the Pad with this on for my Set 😉

  • Dirtyfusion

    Ok figured this out I hadn't reinstalled the updated Livecontrol files.

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  • Emulemuf

    Wonderfull ! Amazing ! You changed my life! Thanks so much for your work. Sharing it for free is really nice of you … As soon as I get money I send you a donation !

    Thanks so much again!

  • ST8

    have you installed the latest file and templates? i cant reproduce this here

  • MTBiker

    Can`t get it work 🙁

  • DSR5775

    Hi. Just tested the newest Version i still have the same problem in Devices. Whatever i map in Ableton, no matter if its a Ableton Plugin or any kind of Synth or Effect,the name of Parameter 9 (First on Bank2) gets skipped. Well the Controller works on Parameter 9, but it has the name of Parameter 10,and so all following have wrong name. Any Idea what that may be?
    What do you think about my idea of adding a Button to every Rotary in the Devices Page to be able to Control Kore for example? Controlling Buttons by Rotaries is a pain.. (0-99off , 100on) Very unuseful when playing live.
    The Master Fader in Mixer works fine now 🙂 thanks for fixing that!

  • Daniel Doubleday

    It's all really cool. The only problem that I have is that I loose the connection from the ipad to ableton very often. Most of the time it happens when I press stop. I still get changes from ableton but I cant send anything. It happens every 5 minutes or so. I had the problem with older versions as well but it seems that it got worse after installing 128. Before that I could work for an hour or so. To make it work again I have to go to midi prefs and unselect / reselect the LiveControl device. Is this a network issue I'm having? Anybody else with the same problem?

  • ST8

    i need more info, how far through the setup instructions have you got?

  • ST8

    using bonjour host names or ip address? Try with ips. Also enable debugging, then start the debug server and see if you get any errors, if so mail me the error log!

  • ST8

    fixed the parameter label problem, ill add buttons soon 🙂

  • DSR5775

    Cool man thank you so much for that 😀
    I´ll test and let you know if it works out here. is it already a new version with the labeling fix?
    Really looking forward to those Buttons 🙂 how will they be mapped? Is it going to be by order (Rotary,Button,Rotary,Button,..) per Page or will the Button be after the Rotaries per Page or ? Will be interesting to find out 😉
    Keep up the great work, really can´t think of anything else missing in your Controller for very nice Ableton fun 🙂 maybe some new Ideas will come up as soon as Richie releases the Griid Controller.. have you seen it yet?

  • DSR5775

    Yess..Labeling problem is gone here too 🙂 Thanks a lot!

  • rtek

    FIrst, thanks you for sharing this, good work.Second, how do you use the step sequencer/drum pads/ and keys, they do not seem to trigger when pressed. no midi signal from the touchosc to ableton. other functions such as clips and slides work fine. Also how did you get ableton parameters to talk back to touchosc? such as ipdating clip names and stuff? sis you use max4live?

  • MTBiker

    now it`s work, trouble was because i installed itunes and bonjour at the same time
    I deleted all and install only itunes

    now new trouble, i push button for start the sample, sample is started playing,
    but not that sample that i have pressed

    check box “use ipad” is turn on

  • ST8

    have you got the latest template uploaded to you ipad/ipod?

  • ST8

    The step sequencer follows the currently selected clip as long as “Follow” is lit. Drum pads need the router to work.

    It talks to ableton via the python LiveAPI in the same way as other midi controller scripts.

  • JES

    Hi There

    I'm wondering if anyone else has this problem or a workaround. Live hangs on startup at “opening template set” when I launch it. This problem started after I installed the LiveControl template to run Live with TouchOSC. I can fix the problem by trashing Live's preferences, but then I need to reinstall LiveControl to make it work and once I've done that, I have the same problem over again.

    Other possible relevant system details:

    OSX 10.6.4, Live 8.1.3, latest version of LiveControl, Apogee Duet and Maestro Software, Automap.

    Also, this is the dumbest question in the world, but I assume I need to run the Livecontrol software on my Mac each time I run TouchOSC, right? Or should I just be able to launch Live and TouchOSC on my iPhone?


  • ST8

    Using IPs or hostnames? it can sometimes take a while to resolve the hostnames which can stall live. Try selecting “Use IP addresses” and reselect your iPod in the automatic configuration. I really need to upgrade to 10.6, there are a number of issues that im not seeing on Leopard.

    You need to have the running only if you're using the router (for midi input). Otherwise it can be safely closed. You may need to repeat the configuration tab if your ip addresses change though 🙂

  • JES

    Thanks for the incredibly fast reply. And I forgot to say that apart from this one annoying glitch, the software works flawlessly and amazingly well and I'm grateful for it.

    I'm using hostnames. Just to be clear, it's not that Live is slow in loading, but that it doesn't load. I've tried to let it sit for 5 minutes or more, both with and without TouchOSC running on my iPhone and with and without LiveControl running on my Mac. I hadn't set up MIDI, since I have a RemoteSL keyboard as well, but perhaps that could be a problem? It's looking like I just need to trash the preferences and reinstall LiveControl. I will try IP addresses this time instead of names for my iPhone. Also, I'll create a local network (right now I'm running through my Airport router).

    Anyway, I will report back. If you have more suggestions before I do my reinstall, I won't get to it until sometime tomorrow.

  • Daniel Doubleday

    Hi thanks for the reply. Haven't had a chance to try. Seems that I found the problem. I have to keep pinging from the iPad (keep connected option in touchosc). Haven't had the problem since.

  • JES

    Okay, I think the IPs did it. For good measure, I trashed Live's prefs, then reinstalled LiveControl, then set it up with IP addresses instead of Bonjour names. Now it works perfectly and seamlessly. In fact, I would say it works BETTER than other hardware control surfaces I've used and I've only used it on my iPhone, I'm sure the Ipad will be even better.

    You'll have my donation shortly.
    One question — am I missing it or is there no crossfader on the iPhone/iPod template?

    Thanks again for great software.

  • Malte

    is there a way to save the locked xy pads? there is a save button but it seems to do nothing. After every restart i have to assign an lock the pads again.

  • Agentajax

    Hi Guys…

    I'm getting an error from Ableton advising it can't 'Bind' mention to change ip/ports in the LiveControl network settings… I have followed the How To Instructions to the letter but keep getting the same error…

    I have opened the ports in my router, even used a second router and repeated the process. I've also used my Mac on the same network which worked first time without any issues… Perfect. But Windows 7 seems to have the same issue, tried on 2 Windows 7 pc's on the same network as the Mac…. No Joy!

    One thing I have noticed, after downloading the latest version of LiveControl Rev 130 and extracting it when you look in 'Credits' within the app for the Rev number mine isn't 130 but 118…. Downloaded many times but never Rev 130

    Can Anyone Help

    Cheers In Advanced

  • ST8

    Yes i admit the way this is handled is pretty rubbish at the moment! Save and load saves which parameters your selected for each device (for the last set) so if you reopen the set you were last working on and hit load, it should restore the parameters, but probably not the locked. I'll try and update this so you can save them on a per set basis, along with the device locks.

  • ST8

    Not being able to bind the ports means something else is bound to them. Is osculator running, or another program that would use those ports?

    Its not the ports in your router thats the problem, its probably windows firewall blocking traffic.

    Regards the version number, thats a bug, ive just not updated the number in the current release

  • Malte

    cool, maybe you could add a lock button for the keys and drum pads page to? i think it would make sence cause you need the same parameters for your keys all the time.

  • Agentajax

    Thanks for the Reply….

    I've tried a couple of things after reading how things work through your reply, I'm using a new Windows 7 laptop with hardly any software installed… After starting LiveControl I open Command Prompt and run 'netstat' and the results show nothing using 5000 & 5001, if I'm using the wrong method to check for ports can you give me direction…


  • Malte


    is it possible to lock the sequencer? Its a bit annoying that it is out of focus everytime i choose a different channel.

  • ST8

    tap “follow” and it'll lock to the current clip

  • one

    for some wierd reason after installing this new version when i load new clips on audio track one it shows up in diffrent places on the ipad… then i have to push buttons on track 8 just to laucnh clips on track 1

  • ST8

    you need to make sure using an iPad is ticked and saved, and make sure you have the latest template uploaded to TouchOSC

  • Malte

    i found two bugs: when you delete a midi clip the input connection from the pad is lost.
    when you use a audioeffect rack the clip seems to be ignored from the script.

  • DSR5775

    HI ST8 🙂
    just wanted to post everything works absolutely perfect. Are you still thinking about the buttons in the Devices Page for complete KORE control? Somebody here had the idea of implenting the crossfader of Ableton (i never use), nice idea too 😉 Can´t think of anything else missing..
    Keep up the great work, please add the buttons 😉
    Donate everybody!

  • Rezrekt

    great app… still love my lemur much more tho!

  • Ableton doesn't see livecontrol as a device!!!!!! i'm on snow leopard

  • megamaeng

    Just curious if it has any clip editing capabilities, specifically clip start and end and pitch

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  • higHPosition

    how do you connect multiple touch osc's?????

    got both my ipod and ipad working….but only can use one at a time because of IP adress for ipad/ipod in live control……thanks, besides, great app……

    oh ya, missing CROSSFADER 🙁

  • Robertm

    Strange…ableton 8.1.4 does list livecontrol as a Controller anymore…although it already worked on 8.1.3… Any idea? os is windows…. thx

  • Malte

    the new touch osc supports color coding… would be nice to have the clip colors.

  • ST8

    its on the way, just finishing up the new router

  • Hey ST8. Could I get the pre-release?? 🙂 Is it for iphone or ipad?

  • thanks

  • just wanted to reiterate how much I appreciate your hard work, excited about my ipad in the mail

  • ST8, this is awesome! I got out of bed to try this last night. I think I may have found a bug. In the Launcher page, if a track is unmuted from Ableton Live the iPhone/iPad isn’t updated. In the Mixer page it gets updated, but not in the Launcher page.

    Also, is there a way for me to change the default navigation buttons to move step by step without shift and to move by bank with the shift? This is more useful to me when using my Live set during a live performance.

  • Anonymous

    ipad or ipod? the scroll bar should let you move more slowly if youve got an ipad.

  • I noticed the mutes not getting updated on the Launcher page on both the iPad & iPhone.

    Yes, but it sort of jumpy. I’m playing keys while triggering my parts via Live. It’s awesome the way it is, but it would be more helpful for me if I could change it to by default step by step without the shift key.

    Thanks, ST8!

  • Malte

    Wow, cips colors are great. I like that the clips are blinkin now, much better.
    Is the XY lock setting now saveable? It would be great to save it with the live set.

  • Ramos007ca

    Hi ST8,
    I downloaded and installed the latest livecontrol. It didnt work for me (it didn’t connect at all, I might be doing something incorrectly though i followed your instructions), I believe its the port it was using, 5000 & 5001. With the previous release I changed those ports to 8000 & 9000. I forgot to tell you my OS is Windows. I would really appreciate if you could give me some insights and suggestions. And, Thank you very much for all this great work. It’s really an awesome gadget.

  • Timapter

    hi there! thanks so much for a great script!

    i got it working with the previous version, but just updates and now i have the whole “does not bind” issue, and also live is telling me it cannot output and i need to check my network settings…

    everything else appears to be working – i can see my ipad connected on my laptop in livecontrol, i can see livecontrol in network on my ipad. ive checked to make sure im installing the script into the correct live installation (its in my hd/live 8.1.3/live control/). im also on touch osc 1.6.

    any idea where this could be going wrong?

  • KAR

    MAC OSX10.6.3 – Live 8.1.5 LiveControl_TO doesn’t show up in my control surface options. MIDI input works for the keyboard and drum pads, but no red box or any other functionality.

    Please advise…thanks!

  • Lele

    Using livecontrol since there was no installer 😀 All is working as usual but no clip colors and the sliders in launcher view don’t do anything when moved…. What’s wrong?

  • Anonymous

    what path did you select for the installer?

    did it look like /Applications/Live x.x.x/Live x.x.x instead of /Applications/Live x.x.x?

  • KAR

    Yes, but to confirm….should the actual name of the LiveControl installed folder be “Live 8.1.5 OS X” or should it literally be “Live x.x.x”? Should it be located inside the actual Ableton “Live 8.1.5 OS X” folder in applications that I installed when I purchased Ableton Live?

  • KAR

    Is it possible to get a screenshot showing the exact Mac folder structure and naming system for the install?

  • Richard Soup

    Hi – Any suggestions gratefully accepted – my second attempt at getting it working. I Followed all instructions and reinstalled Live control in directory: “applications/Live 8.1.4 OSX/Live x.x.x”.

    Followed Live Midi setup – Get the clips appearing on Live OSC.

    But nothing else works: Abelton produces following error message: control surface 1 “(Livecontrol_TO) > error: could not bind to incoming ip/port, check your Livecontrol network settings”

  • KAR

    Does anybody know how to get this to work on a Mac. This is the most buggy install I have ever worked with!!!!!!

    Please, someone help…

  • Dubminus

    Same for me.

  • Dubminus


    Im having the same problem as KAR. I’m sure I installed the LiveControl.jar properly. The app lives inside the Live 8.1.5 application. The LiveControl_TO does not appear in my control surfaces option. I can get some midi signal from the drum pad and keys, but nothing else. My OS is 10.6.4 and I’m using an iPad. Thanks for your innovative work.

  • great device control view …i’d love to be able to tab through different devices and control their parameters/macros. I thought that this was the case when i hit device + or – but found that this is not the case. Could i be doing something wrong or has this not been implemented yet. I know we can delve into more parameters via banks…but the aforementioned option would be amazing.

  • Anonymous

    There’s a stupid bug in the installer, it should be /applications/live x.x.x osx the same folder live is installed in. Problem is the installer appends another copy of this directory which is wrong! I’ll attach a screenshots

  • Blau

    If you could just upload the scripts we could show package contents and copy/paste them into midi remote scripts folder no?

    I’m having the same issue, but still, unbelievable work!

  • KAR

    Ok, but what should the name of the LiveControl install be when it is installed into the Live x.x.x OS X directory? Mine takes on the name of the file directory when I choose the file path through the browse button. It’s name ends up being the same name as Lives folder.

  • Cbanh

    My Ipad can send out all the control to Live but no feedback back to the Ipad. I’m on Windows 7 with TouchOSC 1.6 and Live 8.13. The previous version worked perfectly for me. Please help and thanks for this awesome app.

  • Uiui

    Me too.

  • KAR

    Please post a fix or update to the installer/software. It does not work. I have followed and tried every possible workaround and directories and names. OSCulator work for me on first try. What’s the problem here?

  • Jmartinez

    Para los usuarios de Win XP y iPad:
    Seguid las instrucciones de instalacion y NO OLVIDAR INSTALAR BONJOUR (o iTunes) antes de lanzar LiveControl.exe, y todo funciona perfecto!!!! (puertos 5000 y 5001 en TouchOSC)

  • Jmartinez

    For users of Windows XP and IPAD:
    Follow the installation instructions and make sure to install BONJOUR (or iTunes) before launching LiveControl.exe, and everything works perfect!! (Ports 5000 and 5001 in TouchOSC)

  • Jmartinez

    Por cierto, felicidades por esta gran aplicación y muchisimas gracias por ponerla a disposición de todos nosotros. Un fuerte abrazo amigos!!!

  • BlueFielder

    I must agree with other comments concerning the Installer presenting very ambiguous/misleading dialogs. Please comment.

  • Anonymous

    i need to make sure the installer removes the previous version, im working on it!

  • sky

    im sure that this has already been covered, but I only have the drums and keys functioning properly in TouchOSC. I want the full capabilities of this device very very badly, and I can’t seem to figure out what the problem is on my end. I installed everything according to the directions here, and for whatever reason, I’m still having problems. any help would be greatly appreciated, and thank you in advance

  • Blau

    Awesome thanks! And while shit might not be totally done yet…come on guys, this is revolutionary shit we have on our hands…thanks st8

  • KAR

    Don’t get us wrong, we love it, or at least we will once we get it up and running.

  • Flo

    Hey in the new version it seemed to be now kind to bind osculator in?
    thats really important for me because i need loop in and out buttons and so on….
    or clip navigation with arrowkeys

    plz help me;D

    greetings flo

  • Curtis

    Hi there I have an ipad and a pc with windows XP on it, I am using Midi ox, pure data, touch osc and of course Ableton, so far I have not got it all to talk to Ableton, if I load the simple script that came with Touch OSC and I am running the simple PD for pure data then moving controls on my Touch OSC on the ipad works fine, should I also have a live control pure data script to run when I am using your live control or am I missing the point. Is there an up to date walkthrough for getting Live control to run on my ipad and PC as the only one I can find seems to be out of date, as it describes installing Bonjour and midi yoke although I can see from your updates that you no loger need to install Bonjour and Midi yoke is now called Midi Ox. Sorry for my stupidity and thanks the work you have done so far.

  • KAR


  • KAR


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  • Agentajax

    Hi Guys, I’m trying to run the installer on 131…. No installer launches just a folder with files and folders, the Live Control app works but not the installer.

    Running Windows 7 64bit, Ableton 8.1.5


  • Carsten

    Excellent work! I hope my modest donation will help you fight off starvation. Having spent good money on Griid Pro only to have in constantly crash and only launch clips, this is a godsend for us who do not have the time and resources to fiddle all night with TouchOSC. Now all I need is for Reason 5 to be able to do OSC 😉

  • Agentajax

    Hi Guys…. All sorted

    Can we add Java to required software for install….

    Keep up the great work

  • Hi there Carsten!

    Nick from Liine here. Have you installed the 1.01 update for Griid? We cleaned up some little memory management issues which were causing some rare crashes for some users. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch at support at griid dot net if you have any issues/comments! 🙂

  • jason

    Love the new setup. works great. found 1 bug. If you close touchOSC once everything has been running and then reopen it you live crash the livecontrol app throwing an error to the max library. This is on windows 7, live 8.1.3. I find myself wanting to use my iPad while I’m at practice and having everything open for hours working on things I crash livecontrol a lot.

  • Ricardo


    Congratulations for your excellent work with LiveControl. It is indeed awesome!

    I have one quick question though. Is it possible to send messages from the LiveControl template to Osculator?

    What I mean is, I would like to personalise LiveControl template and add some more commands to allow me browsing my samples library on Ableton and manipulating the samples (set loop length, sample starting point, sample pitch, etc). But for this I need my iPad to send messages straight to Ableton via LiveControl and, at the same time, send messages to Osculator so it converts them into Midi and Key Combos for Ableton.

    The problem is that touchOSC seems to allow me to send messages to a single host at a time. Is there a way to work this around?

    Thank you very much for your help.


  • LeLe

    Awesome the button inside the knobs! Only thing I miss now is the ability to control drum racks’ channel volumes as the “normal” ones. Right now when you expand a drum rack in ableton the mixer tab does not update creating the rack’s faders. Thank you for your hard work!

  • LeLe

    Mate if you manage to do that would you be so uber-kind to share the template? It would save a big load of time to have those features! Thanks in advance 😉

  • Anonymous

    i need to add this feature back into the new router, shouldn’t be too hard!

  • ri

    Followed your instructions of putting all the files in my Live directory, and Tada! The LiveControl_TO showed up, and everything works!

    It’s the installer that is causing the trouble.

  • Ricardo

    Hey ST8!

    Thanks for the reply.

    So, I guess that without that feature, it would be impossible to do what I’m asking. If you add that feature just let me know. I’m very keen od adding the features I’ve mentioned and share them with everyone.


  • Ricardo

    LeLe, no worries! I will certainly share it in here. The template is a bit tricky though because changing to and from the Ableton browser always require double tapping the push button on the iPad… Cannot find a work around for that either.


  • Blau Justin

    I need some serious installation help…the .jar installer file asks to locate my live application. I get that, but when it comes time to select my application itself, it is unselectable and grayed out. I would appreciate some better instructions?

  • Blau

    I think I got it….nevermind…hahaha

  • Rekco

    Hi, can somebody please help me? I cannot get any incoming signal to my Ipad which is set on 5001. I’m on Windows 7 and Ableton Live 8.14. Thanks

  • LeLe

    Big up! Im sure you’ll solve it 😉

  • DZ

    I’m in the same boat.

  • KAR

    Thanks ST8. The latest release works like a charm! I knew this would be an awesome app. Great work!

  • K. Wild

    Me too on win 7 ultimate 64 bit.

  • LeLe

    This app still kick’s TouchAble in speed! Beware people don’t buy it for studio purposes, if you delete or add tracks or clips it takes more than 30 seconds to load the interface again! It’s only usable in a live situation. Livecontrol is da way to go for studio – arrangement sessions.

  • Malte

    the stepsequencer stops working if you, choose a clip, disable follow and then enabeld it again an choose another clip.

  • 120170

    Hi ST 8, I’m Ipad and Pc,live 8.1.3, the problem is I cant get the clipnames and other labels on my Ipad,how to deal with it? thanx!

  • Ywwonglp

    im using mac osx 10.6….i found it to be extremely unstable. I can connect my ipad with ableton and works perfectly fine at the first 5 mins, then it seems like touchOSC freezes and no more signal going into ableton except the keys and drums. I need to restart livecontrol to make it work again which is very annoying.

    is this a wi fi problem or what???? HELP!!!

  • Neomad

    I still can not transfer livecontrol to touchOSC. My host is detected but never download ‘livecontrol’ template but another strange file without templates inside !!

    Any idea or suggestion ?

  • i had the same problem ,try turning off windows firewall ,this is what fixed it for me

  • its not asking for the exe it just wants live folder that is why you cannot select the application

  • just wanted to let you know that to me this is the single best peice of homebrewed software that has ever been created,thanks for all the time and effort you put into this fantastic project!

  • Needsurf84


    same question

  • Physicalpatrick

    are the touchOSC templates customizable using the OSCAPI.txt information?

  • Hannes

    Simply fantastic software!
    One thing that didn’t work for me though is when i want to scroll down to the forth row in Launcher page (when down button is pushed three times from top) everything except pads and keys stops working and i have to relaunch LiveControl_TO to get it back to normal, happens every time. running OS 10.6.4 and Live 8.1.5
    I’ll stick to the first three (x4) rows in the meantime.

  • Mod And Op

    you guys think there’s a way to hack novation automap software to make it think that an ipad running touchosc is actually a novation controller and control my plugins etc with automap cababilities?

  • YES! I we totally agree in our studio here

  • the controller could not do both at the same time. I have had both automap and touch osc working at the same time, but the only way to make it work on one controller would would be making a python script that is both LiveControl and Automap’s script together, then make a switch button to jump from one page to the other in one larger script. it’s tough to write those scripts too, and once compiled it can not be broken apart for the code. Meaning you cannot borrow the maps from other manufactures and hack them unless decompiled, which I haven’t found a way.

    This blog may help.

  • Did you try creating your own network with your airport on your computer and then have the ipad sync to that? it may be more stable than just using the wireless. Sometimes that makes mine more stable. Just a thought. We had a very stable connection with the new iphone 4 and 10.6.

  • Sterling2001

    I’ve set up TouchOSC on iPhone to work with Ableton Live 8.2 on Mac using LiveControl.  However, I can only get the pre-mapped LiveControl.touchosc template to work with Live.  After creating my own template in the TouchOSC editor, I can’t get it to work.  Does LiveControl ONLY work with the two templates provided in the LiveControl dmg?  If I want to create my own templates, I must use OSCulator?

  • GuestseuG

    I`m trying to install it on my windows, everyhthing fine until the last step where Live Control_TO doesn`t appear on ableton`s midi controller.   Template on my ipad, midi connection between my pc and ipad is fine too. 
     Any suggestion is appreciated. 

  • Oscar

    I´m having problems with my keys and drums. Everything else works minus this two features, which are the ones than I most use. I don´t know what is happening because sometimes they work and sometimes they don´t.

  • Scottyt15213

    If someone could help. Livecontrol_TO has disappeared from my Ableton control surfaces.  I’ve followed all the appropriate instructions and even had it working through my iPhone 4s for a minute.  Then I went and updated to live 8.3.  I reinstalled everything correctly and made sure the folder is in with the other MIDI scripts etc. but still no recognition.  Any ideas?

  • Fuckitall

    Hi, this new update for 8.3 doesn’t work any more on Mac G5 power pc !!!!

  • BionicSF

    Same problem here.
    I think its because one needs to have the OSC midi script installed in the current corresponding Live application folder which I did with 8.2.8 but unlike previous installs of Ableton I can’t seem to find an Live 8.3  folder so I cant place the script and thus no communication.

    hopefully after poking around some more I can find where the folder has moved

  • Joserendons

    It works incredible, one of my favorite ways of controlling LIVE via iPAD

  • Joserendons

    On Mac OS X, you just have to right click the Ableton Live 8.3 Application and select “Show Package Contents” and find the scripts folder, here is the path:

    Contents/App-Resources/MIDI Remote Scripts/

    Then put the “LiveControl_TO” folder inside. and you will be up and running.

  • BionicSF

     Thanks for helping Joserendons,
    I discovered the right click to get to midi scripts but I can’t seem to find this “LiveControl_TO” folder.

    I down loaded the Livecontrol installer JAR in the applications folder hoping would find it and move it to the midi scripts but I only find an Uninstaller folder with a LiveControl JAR in it. I also did a search for LiveControl_TO and cant find anything.

    Do you know what I’m doing wrong?

    Thanks for your time.

  • BionicSF

     All sorted.
    New install worked perfectly

  • Jimmyp

    I don’t think the Mac zip has the .touchosc file in it right now. I had to grab the windows version for the OSC template

  • Danielagema

     I have the same problem, any suggestions ?

  • Justindwoods

    I’m having the same prob I think. there is no touchosc ipad template in the zip. Does the windows one work with mac?

  • mr_fork

    I went through all the videos on setting this up and was able to get touchosc loaded with livecontrol to work with the slides and such but the midi just isn’t working.  The problem I think is during the step in the setup video where Will is able to select “From LiveControl”. That has never shown up for me in the dropdown for livecontrol.  Got a windows 7 box with the new ipad and ableton 8.3. I’ve tried using midiyoke, loopmidi, and the touchoscbridge after I couldn’t get it to work through just the livecontrol interface.  Nothing seems to work to get the midi communicating.  If anyone knows what’s going on I’d appreciate the info.

  • nanoneworder66

    I’m having the same problem. What did you do to resolve this? 
    Can you help me? 

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  • Thomas Leisner

    My personal design modification for LiveControl

    I tried LiveControl some days ago and loved it right away! The only thing I wished to change were some colours, because I’m a bit sensitive (or nerdy) about colours, so I tweaked them the way I like them and made them fit to my favourite Live skin. 

    I also made the clip launcher section less “blinky” by stopping some buttons to flash all the time and allowed the colour grey for clips, which is important to me somehow. I think it has become a little more calm and clear. 

    If you are interested have a look at for preview pictures, download and instructions. You will also get the skin for Live there which inspired me, and which I love and use for years. 

    Cheers, Thomas

  • Editate

    Hi There…
    Fantastic software but I have a problem…
    On my new mac pro everythink is fantastic but on my laptop, mac book pro Intel Core Duo 2ghz, I’m not able to run the Live Control Installer… It says that the app is not supported by my sistem, osx 10.6.8
    Can you help me?

    thanks a lot!
    wish you the best

  • Mike

    Has anyone extended Live Control to include a crossfader? I have made the appropriate modification to the TouchOSC layout but am getting stuck on mapping using the python scripts as documentation appears sparse, any help appreciated.

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  • Please Help us (Windows users) to get working drumpads and keys.


  • walter lego

    hi, i´m using the livecontrol with OSCulator but i don´t have the oscd. of livecontrol, how can i get it? thanks

  • hello,
    This is working in a strange way only seem to control the keys and drums on my ipad. Launcher, mixer,device sequencer, xy pad wont register a yellow light in ableton only registers the drums and keys, also I don’t see the red rings once i’ve configured the global settings in midi, please can you help ?

  • Rodrigo Coelho

    hi ST8… did you manage to figure out a solution for saving the locked xy pads? its a pain to assign again and again when you open a project.

  • Dan

    Hi and thanks for the video. i was struggling for hours before i came across this. i’m using windows 7 and everything works except the drum pads and keys. i’m not getting livecontrol1/2 in livecontrol. is this because i’m on windows? my network midi connection is made using rtpmidi if it helps.

  • whichdokta

    This stymied me for a good half hour! Check that you have track monitoring turned on in Ableton.

  • gLOWx

    I had some troubles related to TouchOSC Bridge (new do-it easy).
    It totally messed the feedback.

    So, for now, stay away from TouchOSC bridge (Windows XP SP2 for me).

    If you don’t got any feedback and installed one day TOSC Bridge (clip names, faders…), uninstall Bridge with something like Revo Uninstaller. Restart computer.

    And use only LiveControl…like i do now 😉

    Amazing job, thanks about this fantastic soft.

  • harryflotz

    The launcher is working/triggering clips, but the Keys does not control any instruments in ableton…it lights up green in iPad, but no response from ableton…what do i have wrong here? a midi issue? prefrences? anyone having same issue?

  • gerard

    Hi, I have a problem I don’ t want to pass by wifi for using live control interface for live I loose a lot of time to configure it my macbook airport is to sloow for generate an efficient wifi signal to be recongnized by ipad I would like just to connect my ipad to my macbook by dock USB cable, unfortunately the connection share appears by the sim cellular process how can I share my ipad to macbookPro without sim inserted? It must have a possibility for that ?

  • I see there’s an update from 3/9 … How do I install that over my current version??

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  • Edit of the Livecontrol Touch OSC ipad interface by ST8- Optimsed for improvising clips in Ableton Live 9.
    check it out and let me know what you think! Uploaded pics to my page.
    Free download of the touch osc template there too!

  • Thyan


    I have a problem Focus ring is the size of Iphone
    (4×8) not the Ipad (8×8). I have a large ACER Android tablet.
    Furthermore, there is some kind of offset on the launch-button (
    [tracks, Scene] : lines are respected [1,1] on tablet = [1,1] on live
    & [1,2] on tablet = [1,2] on live. However clip launch is going
    diagonal when i follow column (scene) direction by clicking down [1,2]
    on the tablet = [2,2] on live , [1,3] on the tablet = [3,3] on live).
    Only the Iphone template works correctly. I tried : “you should add
    [Ipad] to ZeroConf Name, in osc settings” with no luck. It is a great
    peace of software, however with this problem, not really usable on Ipad
    template. Any solution around?

    Thanks for help,

  • optikal

    can someone tell me if you can use this app with an ipad and pc connected together?

  • david the great

    Question since i make my loops at home. Can you produce loops at home, then save them on your phone or ipad? Or do you always need to bring your computer as well. Or could u just bring external harddrive?

  • Robbie James

    it doesnt work without ableton, so no.

  • Lemnoc

    Same BOAT!!!! PLEASE ADDRESS THIS ASAP!!!!!!! As soon as I choose the Controller surface in Live MY IPAD Screen should reflect what is on Lives Screen. NOTHING!!! PLEASE ADDRESS. Im on 10.6.8 – LIVE 8.3.4

  • john

    friends, is it possible to use touchosc in multiple devices, where can I find how to do it without conflict between them

  • Eric

    What’s the diff between Live Control and Live Control 2? Thanks!

  • c

    I’m using TouchOSC on an iOS device.

    I couldn’t get Live Control 2.1 to work with Abelton 9 on Mac OS X 10.8.4 at all.

    I finally tried downloading the LiveControl_TO package from the sidebar – there is an issue with the dmg file (“There may be a problem with this disk image. Are you sure you want to open it? Opening this disk image may make your computer less secure or cause other problems.”) but running the LiveControl Installer and following the steps in the README worked.

  • idol

    open the file using right click and open

  • CrusnikCore

    LiveControl uses Hexler TouchOSC which costs $4.99 and LiveControl 2 uses Liine Lemur which costs $49.99

    I currently use TouchOSC and it’s great, but Lemur gives you a lot of power to customize for what you really need.

  • cacho

    livecontrol 1 works on live 9 suite with win 7 64bits?

  • joao siva

    hi im need your help im dont attching the file to install live control in windows 7 please send me

  • Matteo

    i am having trouble installing live control for touch osc when i install it instead of there being the live control app there is a jzml file i cant open

  • Juan

    I have the same problem as Matteo.. nothing opens so how can i open an “jzml file” ?

  • meheran

    really messed up man! using android and windows, Note 2 and alienware 14. At first it connected but touchOSC would only send messages not receive any messages so the keys, drumpads and several other funtions wouldnt work, one day later (today) it’s completely stopped working! get some support and proper instructions, my firewall was switched off from both my pc and antivirus and still no use! spent 5 dollars on touch osc for this template and it doesnt work properly! 🙁 messed up man

  • Dontae

    same here juan it is a insufficent file which possibly needs win 7 to work

  • Escvdero

    Hi, I’m having some issues here. I have Ableton 9 Suite and downloaded TouchOSC on an Android tablet. The deal is that the sync only applies to the drumpads and keys, but all the other functions don’t work (can’t manipulate clip slots, knobs, etc.) Any one of you guys go thru the same? have you worked it out?.

    Thanks in advance.

  • MB

    I’ve got everything working great on Live 9.1, I just have one issue. When I’m at the controls for a device, if I control a rack, it only lets me control the macros and not move between the devices in the rack. Does anyone know how to move within the rack instead of moving to the next device that is outside of the rack?

  • Matteo

    it seems to download all of the right files now. it is just weather or not it will work

  • Dillon

    Hi i downloaded Live Control and I have the new OSX 10.9.1 on my mac, is it compatible? I’ve downloaded this file several times and everytime I launch the dmg it says something is wrong with the disc image. I can still open it and drag the Live control to my applications but I can’t run the Live control installer. when I try to it says it can’t be opened because it is from an unidentified developer. I’ve tried using disk utility but that does nothing. Is it my new osx or something else? any advise would be great thanks!

  • Dillon

    *update* I was able to make it work my unmounting and remounting the dmg image with Titanium Toast, if anyone else has this problem.

  • Thomas Leisner

    Hi Dillon, as far as I know it’s Mac OS (since 10.8) controlling the installation of software. You should be able to force installation by right-clicking on the installer and choosing “open” (or something similar, I don’t remember exactly).

  • Erl

    I have problem =( LiveControl 2 & OSCbridge dos not work somthing works with liveControl 1. I Have iPad air, mac 10.9.1 and ableton 8.2 и 9.1 Does not work midi input in ableton. My Ipad see all in ableton (input and send midi). Can you help me?

  • Erl

    10.9.1 not support? On 10.6.2 work perfect!

  • Kleemensch

    Hi. I have a problem, maybe someone can help 😉
    i´m using an android device via a usb tethering connection (via HoRNDIS usb tethering driver for macOS).
    LiveControl receives osc data,translates it and sends it to Live, but does not show up as a connected device (as it would via a wifi connection).
    That results in LiveControl not sending osc data back to the android device.
    It would be cool to have an extra tab in the LiveControl app where one could set the outgoing ip address and ports. (actually it would be nice to change the input ports too 😉
    Is there a workaround or something i´m missing?
    thanks for your time 🙂

  • baskak

    I’d like to ask for help, as I’m struggling to find an outlet for LiveControl (1) support. Perhaps somebody has an idea.
    The most typical scenario is: I load my main concert Live set,
    which is of considerable size. Everything works with the setup detailed
    below, but it‒s enough to move the horizontal bar in TouchOSC‒s
    LiveControl iPad layout, and there’s no more connection/response with
    TouchOSC. It refreshes only after Live set reload in Ableton.
    Using: TouchOSC 1.9.3, iOS 6.1.3 on iPad 2, LiveControl 1.0.1, Avid
    (M-Audio) Fast Track Ultra (drivers 6.0.8, 6.1.8, 6.1.9 checked,
    currently 6.0.8, seemingly more stable), Live Standard 9.0.6 on Windows 7
    on Lenovo E220s (additionally Novation Nocturn with Automap 4.6).
    Please find extended elaboration on the issue here:
    Looking forward and thanks in advance.


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  • djenzyme

    I can’t seem to get Livecontrol 1 working properly in Ableton 9.1

    I have Livecontrol 2 but for some uses, i prefer the TouchOSC version, is there going to be an update??

  • person

    my computer cant open jmzl files and that what live control is

  • Adam Muntner

    Is it working on Android for anyone?

  • rat pie

    Hey everyone, is it possible to use two devices of LiveControl at the same time? (i mean on 2 ipads)

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  • Sigg

    did you’ve got an answer???

  • Arsen

    I have a problem.
    WIN 8
    IOS 7
    TouchOSC + LiveControll

    everything works good EXCEPT:
    Keys not work (no response to pushing the keys in touchosc)
    Drums not work (same)
    Sequancer not work
    Device page partially (not showing all controlls)

  • DavJev

    Hi Arsen – try midiyoke or similar to send and receive midi between Live and your device

  • DavJev

    I take that back worked for my previous computer but not with win8.1…

  • DavJev

    loopMidi – Tobias Erichsen – worked a treat

  • Aidin

    hi I have a problem with midi sending from my iPad to ableton the livecontroler and all options are connected through live controller and all the options on preferences on Ableton perfectly set up but no midi going through. literally my key and drum pad is not working but seems that my iPad is connected. because i can launch clips and control just no midi. Plz help so frustrated 😛

  • Vishesh Likhitkar

    hi,i need to use two ipads,how do i setup two devices

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  • Fabrizio Brunazzi

    hi, i have Android Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4. LiveControl it works, but in sequencer window the keys arm, mute, solo not corresponding to respective positions in a daw (they are shifted on the horizontal way). how i can fix this problem?

  • Robert Cacao


  • Kiern Thresh

    Live Control has installed on my Mac but wont open