LiveControl 2

The long awaited sequel to LiveControl is now available. Designed in partnership between Liine and ST8.

This product is fully supported by Liine. For technical support please get in touch via or
  • Big Kev

    Fabulous! Hope the user manual isn’t far behind, but I reckon experimenting is a better way to learn.

    A quick hint/tip -the Select button ( bottom left of the launcher page) lets you select a clip for the sequencer and selecting tracks on the right side of the play page ( took ages to work that out but perhaps I’m just a bit slow this morning).

    Great work, thank you so much for this.

  • elliot

    hi… does anyone know if i can control 3rd party vsti with livecontrol2 ? such as MASSIVE or SYLENTH1 .. im using a MAC

  • Kenneth Bellinger

    Finally…..I talked crazy shit about the wait, but thanks.

  • Ben

    Oooh man this one is just a GREAT template.

  • will

    Good work ST8, i bet you are glad to hear the end of all the whining now! Good work, it looks amazing and i’m looking forward to getting my head around it. Any ideas when a user manual will be released? (No pressure!)

  • Sven

    Hi, i like the livecontrol2, I’ve worked with it and everything is ok but the livecontrol2 sequencer doesn’t work and I Even can’t See it. Have somebody some tipps or advices for me?
    Thanks a lot Sven

  • selfish kitty

    Holy shit, I literally had a dream this came out last night. We are all connected in spirit, blessings to all.

  • Spaceman

    Same shit, i think its a template sync error or i dont know:D

  • Jules

    You just have to tap a clip so that it starts playing. Then when it’s playing tap/hold SELECT (bottom left corner in the launch page) and tap the active clip again. Now you automatically get the sequencer window 🙂

  • Arron

    Not sure if this is the place for this, but this is barely working for me and seems to be buggy and missing lots of functionality. Track header names aren’t showing up, can’t select tracks, sequencer not working or showing up. Some clips in Live not showing in the launch page, when I open a new project it doesn’t reflect what’s on screen, still showing clips from the previous project. I am using it over wifi with the Lemur daemon

  • Yanomami Gameboy

    I found this out yesterday after thinking it was a bug first! Everthing works 100% fine here.

  • Spaceman

    Thanks! So many knobs made me blind )

  • Liine

    Please send an email to with details. (Mac/Win, OS version, Ableton version)

  • sam

    yeah, i just launched it and am having some issues, too. is there a manual?

  • Guest

    I’m a bit of a noob…I can control clips from the launch page but I can’t see the names of the clips on my ipad. Can anyone tell me how I can get that displayed? Thanks.

  • vc

    I have exactly the same issues
    Win 7, Ableton 9, Lemur daemon

  • yvel1

    Chanmé!! Testé hier soir et vachement bien pensé, très intuitif et ergonomique… on peut se concentrer sur le son et on arrive à des choses trés expérimentales… pas encore testé le séquenceur mais pour une première mouture c’est génial… bravo!!!

  • Spaceman

    R u sure you’d named them??)

  • vc

    Solved. I used “midi Yoke” before and it didn’t works properly for me, now with “loopMIDI” it seems everything works ok. Thanks for the great template.

  • Yanomami Gameboy

    Thank you for this amazing piece of software!

  • mercury

    i installed livecontrol installer 2.0 but the midi remote script did not get placed in the ableton live midi scripts folder. how do i find the mid script folder? i have ableton live 8 and 9 and ran the installer twice

  • Jack Stone

    WoW yeah, this software looks great on youtube,only i’m getting a faulty disk image message when trying to install on a mac 10.8. Any advise would be appreciated. Thanks in front.

  • Razzy

    Yes, the midi clips are named and they display fine on my apple laptop, but the names of the clips don’t appear on my iPad. My iPad will play the clips, but it makes it difficult to know if I’m pushing he correct clip without display on iPad.

    Also, when I go to use the sequencer it say s something like ” you need to select a clip from the launch window.” But when I do that it won’t work on the sequencer either. Lastly, the scale note player works fine, but I can’t get the ball thingies to work :p any suggestions on fixing balls, etc.?

  • Blitsy

    Just installed livecontrol 2…it is very very very laggy. the ‘play’ section is unplayable. half the notes don’t even play. Running live 8.2.1 MBP i7 2.9ghz 8gbRAM. Connecting livecontrol through daemon, wifi. Do you have any advice for me? Thanks so much.

  • Blitsy

    update to my previous post…

    I now have LC2 running. Connected over WiFi, with Daemon. Latency is good. Play section seems to be fully working.

    Project is only one channel, running Analog. System is MBP i7, Ableton 8.2.1

    Now for the Problems:

    LC2 does not update devices, clips or effects when i add them to my project. Nothing is viewable on my ipad.

    Faders, mute, solo etc do not respond at all.

    The arrow keys to scroll around the Launch section, play notes from the synth on the channel i have selected…i can still scroll around using the scroll bars…but the arrows seem to be mapped to midi notes.

    At the moment, LC2 is simply a scalable keyboard, which is a shame as i specifically bought Lemur for LC2. £35 is quite a lot for a scalable keyboard.

    I posted to the Liine support email address yesterday – no reply yet.

  • LiveControlProblems

    I’m having the exact same problem. $50 is a lot of money for a keyboard. It’s really frustrating. I plan on attempting to get a refund.

  • LiveControlProblems

    Also, I tweeted the LC2 developer on twitter about this issue and although he has posted tweets since he has yet to reply to me.

  • Thisfooleli

    So this doesn’t work with TouchOSC?

  • atomx

    Looks like a direct midi connection from my ioDock will only allow me to manipulate the transport. Unless I connect over Wifi through the Lemu Daemon, none of the clip launching, two-way communication or other features will work.

  • ST8

    It sounds like ioDock does not support sysex. This is fundamental for LC2’s operation

  • ST8

    Sounds like you’ve got your midi i/o ports setup incorrectly. See the getting started document for more info

  • Stéphane Fournier

    I’m sorry to post such negative feedback, but after purchasing Lemur mostly for this controller, waiting forever and finally getting my hands on a laggy and buggy controller I have to admit I’m very disappointed. I’ll keep working at this, but I’m unimpressed.

  • genjutsushi

    I had the same latency and laggy problems as other users, but resolved this by switching an ad-hoc wireless connection with the ipad. For future use will use a wired connection instead to avoid needing to set this up each time i use Live

  • kwtsh

    I just tried switching to ad-hoc.My iPad 4 wouldn’t see the ad-hoc Macbook Pro network on channels 36/40/44/48 at all, although it will connect to my 5.0ghz wireless router jus fine????! Any ideas? So had to stick to 2.4Ghz for WiFi Direct, connect on channel 11, but then Lemur wont see the Macbook Pro’s MIDI targets, so I haven’t been able to compare the ad-hoc approach vs router.

    Also I originally loaded the lemur livecontrol2 template via the lemur app editor, but it wouldn’t save the project file in lemur, so now loaded the same file using the iTunes approach and now my projec

    Other than that LC2 is working great for me under Live 9.0.4 on Mac OSX 10.8.4.

  • ST8

    For now most things should explain themselves through the help pages in the template. Should be a full manual coming.

  • Sparksta

    i can get the keypad o work.

    everything works fine but i cant play notes 🙁

  • Slan

    its working good for me, on pc and mac
    now guys i need the manual, or an english video tour, like
    the one in spanish witch is very good but i don’t speak
    spanish at all….

  • Yanomami Gameboy

    I think if you can set it up correctly it is not buggy at all. Works 100% fine here (Ableton 9 , Wifi via Daemon) and it is a wonderfull tool … but don`t get me wrong, i´m not working for these guys, i just think this is actually a very powerfull controller/app.

  • Yanomami Gameboy

    Very IMPORTANT Question (for APC users) 🙂
    Has anyone tried to use APC(40) and LiveControl2 together ? I`m trying out at the moment but it seems to be a bit complicated … because the “areas” (you now what i mean, the colored box which shows you which parts are in focus of the controller , sorry for bad english) seems to be glued togehter … it would be cool if you could control each area indivudualla, anyone knows if there is a way for doing this?

  • Slan

    here is a good video tour for LiveControl2 in spanish, hope to see one

    like that in english soon

  • ST8

    The areas should link together for multiple ipads, hadnt thought about the effect that may have on the apc 40. Will have a look into this for you 🙂

  • Yanomami Gameboy

    Great, i discovered some, how should i say “difficulties” using them togehter … but LiveContr. 2 alone works fine! 😉

    Thanks for looking!!

  • Yanomami Gameboy

    Sorry again 🙂 … the biggest problem when using them both together is that when you “fix” (don`t now the correct english term, i use the german version of ableton) the control to the APC … the LiveControl2 fixes as well … AND is now buggy and can`t unfix again!!! I know the LiveControl2 is not designed for the use with APC but maybe you can fix this bug in the next update! Would be great. (Or maybe i can change something in the settings??!?) Greetings!

  • Johann


    I was thinking about getting push, but I’m now hesitating to buy an ipad with livecontrol 2 which seems very nice…

    Nevertheless, since I already use NI maschine as a controler for ableton, I’m wondering if can I use maschine as a controler for ableton and livecontrol at the same time?

    And I have another question : on the video, I see that the sequencer is set to one bar. Is it possible to use it with a 4 or 8 bars clip ?

    Thanks for your answers.

  • ST8

    It suports any size midi clip. Should work alongside maschine but not explicitly tested it.

  • Hoodbat

    I think there is a limitation from ableton as to what they can control threw this way. Try something like a second screen app to have your vsts be controllable by touch

  • Mark

    First of all, this is version 1 of LiveControl2, so you should know that it will have bugs, that is just normal!! Many different configurations, setups, user errors, etc., it is not a easy task for companies to make a product 100 % bug free and definately impossible in the beginning.

    Constructive criticism is much needed, but there will always be people like you, just whining around and being unrespectful and that is not helping at all.

  • Stéphane Fournier

    There was nothing disrespectful in my comment which actually opened up with “I’m sorry to post such negative feedback”
    However, as a customer who paid $50 the the Lemur app mostly for access to Live Control 2, who waited much longer than the advertised release date, receive little or no updates to explain the said delay only to get a buggy software, I’m allowed to be disappointed.
    My expectations were based upon communications from Liine and I, as a paying customer, have a right to feel let down.

  • Mark

    You have the right to be dissapointed, but keep in mind what I already mentioned “This is version 1” of LiveControl2 … and it does work well for many, many users, like me.

    Being “unimpressed” is in my sense not a wll choosen, respectful comment, but maybe you picked the wrong word and are “just” dissapointed, or frustrated that it doesn´t work for you, but keep in mind that there are people working their ass off to make the best out of LiveControl2 and they earn people that motivates them and that are impressed and patient, at least I am IMPRESSED and PATIENT.

    Great job LIINE and ST8 – THANK YOU!!!!

  • Mario Urien

    two years almost since first time i started to use lemur!
    I have been waiting for a good miidi sequencers since first time i realised about what Lemur can do as a midi controller, also i have different hardware equipment but…..
    Today i can say: Livecontrol2 is amazing what you have done!!!
    no lag, no bugs, just make music and fast expression from an ipad screen! Ten points for the people of Liine and ST8 for the great job !

  • Gabriel Kugler

    I think some users would like a clear cut insightful manual with all the important directions in one nicely laid out format, so that we don’t miss any of the strengths of this program. The manual is the backbone of any computer instrument. I would like to request this as well. Thanks so much. Really enjoying getting into it. Been waitin:)

  • Gabriel Kugler

    This is the best to date no map control on the market period. Richie Hawtin and co. would not steer wrong. Does everything Push does AND more. Technology means it was invented for a reason. The workflow finally has reached a point where things are really coming together . Super sick. Everything I had hoped for and so much more. Keep the hits comin’!

  • Z3B

    The Sequencer works if you ‘select’ the clip the right way… see in this video (I cued) for how he does it:

  • Loz124

    Can we get a full tutorial video guys?

  • Gabriel Kugler

    Why would I be able to set the midi targets in the lemur editor on my iphone app but not in the editor of my ipad?I love using this on my iphone but I need more real estate, soon.I know I have the yokes set because I have full connectivity with my iphone. What could be the problem with the ipad 2. I’m connected adhoc to laptop, in lemur editor when i click to assign midi targets it does not give me a full list of the available ports like my iphone automatically does(without changing to static)so naturally It won’t sync with Ableton and Lemur at the Laptop. Any thoughts or insight would be totally awesome. Thanks, Gabe K

  • jo

    how can i delete a clip in the launcher?

  • Gabriel Kugler

    that might not be possible,just from the laptop on that maybe.

  • L

    After running installer I cannot select LiveControl2 on win7 live9, but it does show up in Live8. Any tips?

  • L

    So I copied the folder from 8 and pasted into 9’s remote script folder. I was just wondering if perhaps there are different scripts for each version?

  • Arron

    at this point I’ve got it pretty functional via a midi interface instead of wifi. The only real problem I have is that when using the scroll bar at the bottom of the “Launch” page it seems to mute certain channel strips every time I touch it.

  • Arron

    Anyone having an issue where using the scroll bar on the launch page will mute certain channel strips?

  • mercury

    I notice if I click my mouse on any channel while the app is running instead of using the app to pick the channel, the app just crashes!

  • mercury

    why don’t u describe what u mean by buggy? i’m having problems also especially with the ipad app crashing

  • mercury

    fyi, i did this and it worked for me.

    this is the first product i have ever purchased where they couldn’t be bothered to create a simple instruction sheet. the one they gave is so minimal. no explanation of how to setup the daemon app. no explanation of how to setup loop midi. no forum for people to discuss issues! it’s like an old school mindset, pay me & then ur on your own!

  • beetfunchic

    is it possible to enter tuplets/triplets on the sequencer page?
    i can’t find the damn thing! 🙁 if it is possible, please someone enlighten me!
    if it ain’t, i’m seriously hoping that this feature will be implemented!!
    same problem with griid/cliip. no tuplets.

  • sikamaki

    liine is a joke. all the old apps are being discontinued and the livecontrol 2 is like stepping back to stoneage sequencing-wise just to get to use “multi-touch” – Modulation and launch pages are really useful though. Nothing new here anyway. This is going to get old really fast because they didn’t set their minds on innovation but on doing the basic things with the most complex piece of shit i have ever seen.

  • Simon Clements-Hawes

    Bearing in mind this is a ‘freebie’ for an app I already bought, I’m pretty happy with LC2 but I am having all manner of odd behaviour; modulation is unresponsive unless I stop play (twice so to set the time back to 1.1.1). Channels don’t update when I add a new channel. Device browser not working, at all. Clips still indicate as playing after stop (their timer bars still run). Could be a glitch with using the MT Player for the NativeKontrol scripts as TouchAble also ‘played-up’ in the past.
    Would love more modulation balls and maybe more envelope options but this is a great piece of work 😉

  • Axel

    I am disapointed. Compared to TouchAble, LiveControl 2 does not offer as much as control. Native templates don’t pop up, instead you see knobs with very small text. Channel strips overlap clips being played and I find it extremely irritating I can’t swipe to another app without starting a clip which makes it impossible to use another app without unintentionally launching a clip or scene. It’s interesting Lemur offers customization but for 50 Euros I would have expected a far better controller out of the box. Also instruction videos are not good. You got work to do Lemur!

  • Axel

    I am affright you are right

  • Cuca

    If they work fine together, would be nice to have the option to enable and disable combination mode, like APC40 and APC20 or griid and code.

    Chears, thanx for you great work.

  • Greenfly

    how come my midi notes dont stay highlighted when i move them up or down with the arrow keys in Ableton. I had this problem with LiveControl too. when i uninstalled Livecontrol, Ableton works fine. Some kind of conflict I think, Any help?

  • Greenfly
  • ST8

    The solution is the same as before. To keep your midi notes highlighted, you need to disable LC2. Just the way it works im afraid

  • Greenfly

    Yes, thats what I have been doing. Nice product and has many great features but its annoying having to go to preferences and switching off LC2. In some cases I have to restart Ableton. I dont need to do that in Touchable so I notice I tend to use this more than LiveControl as a result. Thanks for replying. Also is there any instructional videos/documentation on the way?

  • Richard

    @axel Swipe with four fingers, works fine here.

  • Axel

    You think I swipe with my feet? I am happy it seems to work for you, but I hardly ever manage to swipe to another app without (de)activating a clip or scene.

  • Axel

    Also, the grid sequencer view has totally no use. Its slow, inaccurate to draw on and therefor totally useless for editing notes this way. So I rather do that the usual way in Ableton with the mouse. Like I said, 50 Euros spend on lemur to make use of the most important option (launching clips and scenes with LiveControl2) is not compensated for me by the customization possibilities. Leaving customization possibilities out I feel LiveControl2 has not the same level of TouchAble as yet and I think this should be corrected on very short term. Also, one again, I also think narrated and clear instruction videos should be made. Current videos are more advertisements than comprehensive tutorials. I see the potency of Lemur, but first things first please!

  • Nick

    This is a known bug, we are working on this one at the moment. Apologies for the inconvenience.

    Kind regards,

    Nick, Liine Tech Support

  • Nick

    This is not normal. If you are still experiencing this issue please get in touch with Liine support at

    Kind regards,

  • Nick

    Tuplets/triplets are not possible at the moment, although you can offset every single note manually to create your own grooves. Check out the Start faders in Parameters (lower right-hand corner of the LC2 Sequencer page).

    Kind regards,

  • Nick

    That behaviour is definitely not normal. Try disabling the other Control Surface and see if it acts more predictably. It sound like there might be some MIDI feedback going on. If you are still experiencing the issue please get in touch with support at

    Kind regards,
    Nick, Liine Tech Support

  • richizzle

    hello i have a big problem live control 2 dont appear in the surface controle windows in ableton live … i already install live control 2 and its say it automatically launch in albeton but itg really dont … so please what is the solution 😉

  • richizzle

    i forget to tell im on windows 7 PC

  • ST8

    Please contact support, email and forum above

  • reggie

    Question guys how do i lock a parameters so it resets when i release or take my finger off the knob or fader..thanks in advance

  • reggie

    thanks for no response ill figure it out myself….

  • Sick0


  • Aaron

    Hi guys! Amazing app – thank you for giving to us 🙂 I am having an issue with the app regularly resetting to the maximum grid size. It happens after mapping something in Ableton, for instance. Can this be stopped? Or can I change the scripting so that it always resets to the grid size that I want? (8 tracks x 7 scenes)

  • Gustavo Bravetti

    Reggie, I think that as in any Lemur template you can do that using scripting “If” condition and the .z value for that fader-slider.

    .z will be 0 when you release the finger from the fader-slider

    I don’t remember exactly the correct form but it will look to something like this for a locked value of… let say 99:

    if (yourfader.x!=99″ && yourfader.z==0) yourfader.x=99

    it means:
    if your fader has a different value than the default, and there is no finger over it, then set default value to that fader.


  • Jared Taylor

    I apologize, this may have been answered already, but after having MUCH difficulty getting Live to even work with this, I’ve finally got it going. At first I thought “okay neat”, until I went through everything trying to figure out where in the hell I have to go and what I have to do to pick, say, a midi device for a certain track or why I have a bunch of empty blue rounded rectangles for my FX selections.

  • ST8

    Please get in touch with support:

  • Simon Clements-Hawes

    I feel so rude for not answering sooner – it seemed to resolve itself with no changes; I’ve since done a clean install of OS, Live et al and works like a charm for me. Many thanks!

  • True

    Hey, when i install live control 2 it does not install the remote control surfaces this happens for both live 9 and 8, hopefully you can resolve this for me

  • ST8

    Please get in touch with support:

  • cristobal carvajal rastello

    Does it work over bluetooth??

  • Ignacio Alejandro Sances

    Hey, I been trying to place the connection between ableton and livecontrol (lemur) with my iPad but the only MIDI that I get is the one coming from the transport section in livecontrol. There’s always a different MIDI coming from the up/down arrows for the clip size (when I touch them they play scale notes, down arrow is one octave down from up arrow, which is really weird because of its obvious functions). I followed the instructions pdf step by step.

    The procedure I’ve been doing is the following:

    1. Start Macbook pro.
    2. Open Lemur Daemon.
    3. Open livecontrol iPad.
    4. Place i/o midi for Daemon i/o’s.
    5. Open livecontrol project iPad.
    6. Open Lemur Editor, connect with iPad.
    7. Run livecontrol template Lemur Editor.
    8. Livecontrol on iPad start.
    9. Nothing else works.


  • ST8

    Hi Ignacio, please get in touch with support

  • samsteeno

    Yeah it would be awsome if it worked over bluetooch or usb

  • Patrick Schilcher

    LOVE the app,but I have issues with Sequencer. No matter how fast I select the clip (after choosing “Select”) the clip will not load into the Sequencer. Please advise.

  • Denys

    Will this software work on Ipad 2? Tnx.

  • zengel

    hi ! live control 2 not working on live 9.1 . an update for that ?

  • Dudu Aram

    I’m having the same issue. any news?

  • Stephan Bobinger

    update for live 9.1 needed asap

  • Alberto

    Please support for 9.1

  • phil1976

    hmmm.. paid a lot of money and still can’t use it because waiting for 9.1. update. tech support nerver got back to me. I’m a bit disappointed. hope the update will come asap. thx

  • LemursRslow

    The long awaited LiveControl 2 is now UNUSABLE!!! Ableton 9.1 has been out for a few now and I can’t even find one mention from Liine about making it work. Is there somewhere else they are talking about this? I would like to know they are doing something with my $50.

  • assy

    Check the Liine Forum. Seems to me that they didn’t bother looking at the 9.1 beta, as that has been out since september. All you get there is “it’s in the pipeline,” and “working on it.” Seriously guys, get the DAMN BETA next time. Flipping tards!

  • noisy2013

    Update please !!! LC 2 doesn’t work !!! Why You don’t give a short statement at least ??? This is not nice ! Or at least tell me how i can get my money back ? Greetz from Cologne/Germany.

  • Trevor

    LiveControl 2 doesn’t work on Ableton Live 8.4.1. Liine proviede installer pkg only I mean there is no DMG and I reinstalled LiveControl 1.0.0. This is my resume.

  • izaq

    i cant make livecontrol 2 working.
    1. the clips is not showing in lc2 LAUNCH
    2. it respond to midi notes in PLAY mode and i can hear sound

    3. i setup the midi sync according the guide. but the LC2 is not showing in the control surfaces in ableton.
    4. my setup: ipad to audio interface (scarlet 18i6 with midi i/o) with camera
    connection kit and a M-AUDIO midi cable. my audio interface is connected to pc
    with windows xp and ableton live. my ipad the midi port 0 is connected to m-audio midi interface
    6. picture showing my ableton midi sync setup:

    please guide me how to set it up

  • mism

    LiveControl 2 is not working with Live 9.0.1 and this problem has been first reported on Oct. 3rd with live beta 18 on liine forum.

    On Nov. 25th liine officially said that an update is in the works on liine forum.

    It may take liine longer to provide an update than others (NI, etc.) for maybe certain understandable reasons thats just fine, but it would be helpful for users of LiveControl 2 to know this before experiencing this by themselves when trying to get LC 2 working with 9.0.1. This can be time consuming and frustrating.

    An early, official statement from liine here and/or on would be so simple and sooo useful… and in the end it would avoid frustrated and pissed people shouting at them. It´s just that easy!

  • Walter

    Unusable… A Lot of Money for nothing. Don’t work with ableton 9.1

  • mism

    Oh…and I do mean 9.1 not 9.01, sorry.

  • mism6

    …I mean 9.1, not 9.0.1, sorry

  • mism


  • frustated ex customer!

    it’s a shame! first and last time that I have purchased from Liine or ST8 or who ever!

  • Watcher

    If it’s any consolation, the same happens to a certain percentage of Touchable’s users (i’m one of them …) touchable v2 can’t work with Live on Mavericks … and someone told me that the stuff stopped working on it … too bad for me and all the other unlucky users !

  • Watcher

    ooops i mean the stAff, the support team, not the stuff … 😀

  • TimBo

    Same here awaiting update for many weeks now… disappointing indeed…

  • mism

    New beta from Ableton on the way with an important information about future compatibilty for remote scripts:

    From Ableton (bugfix):
    “Live would allow to trigger changes from notifications via the Python
    API. This could lead to problems with Live’s Undo history or even to
    crashes and is no longer allowed. Note that this change might affect
    compatibility with 3rd party control surface scripts. If you’re using a
    3rd party script, i.e. a control surface script that is not natively
    supported by Ableton, and it does not work with Live 9.1.1b3 anymore,
    please contact the manufacturer of the script.”

    This is a unfortunate situation, but it is like it is. Please liine, take notice and react smarter this time. Hopefully all will be good soon.

  • ST8

    The 9.1 fix is done, should be out soon!

    The above is unrelated, but i need to check if it might cause any other problems

  • selfish kitty

    Thank goodness! Blame Live 9’s undo and bug reporting that cannot be turned off and records data like the damned NSA, an outdated gui that gets bogged down by level meters, M4l mouse over and python script popup notification crashes, and Apple’s creepy business practices of breaking the ipad and it’s wifi connection software to make it suck at continuous data streaming. I dislike Apple soo much currently it burnzz.. Keep up the good work guys, we’re closer to jamming stability.

  • mism

    Great to hear!
    Thanks ST8

  • Shaolin

    What? Touchable 2, Mavericks and Live 9.1 working fine here!

  • zengel

    yes ! thanks ST8 , waiting this update since the beta 17 😉

  • Watcher

    … So You, as many other people, are Lucky 🙂 its good ! Unfortunately, there are other people (just like me) that have issues with V2 – Mavericks – Live 9.1 … Connection goes to “timeout” … ! I’m continuously sending Touchable.log files to the support … They’re nice but they didn’t yet solve this problem

  • Scott

    So are we still waiting on this update? Can I stop pulling my hair out now?

  • Scott

    Ok, so you need to follow the instructions for Windows verbatim here:

    My issue was I had loopmidi Port 1 and loopmidi Port 2 switched around. Once I followed the setup instructions I was off and running. I’ve haven’t used my iPad 1st generation this much in months!
    Great stuff!

  • h3rtz

    clips show up but cant get triggered from ipad.

    sequencer doesnt work, even if a clip from launch page is selected.

    I am using livecontrol 2.12 on windows 7 and ableton 9.1. Using wired connection via line 6 midi mobilizer and an app called midi bridge, into midi interface of my midi keyboard.

    So i am not using lemur daemon (in fact it is not even showing up in the drop menu of ableton) but physical midi ports, my laptop cant handle wifi and audio at the same time. could that be the problem?

    any ideas, anyone? much appreciated!

  • endo

    does it work with live 9 or is an update needed ? will it come ?

  • endo

    wrong section… i meant liveosc

  • selfish kitty

    When I add a custom interface from Lemur editor the attack/decay/release settings do not function correctly. If I edit the interface and add say an extra 0, it will function until it is reloaded, then I’m forced to edit and resave all cc attack release times again. Any ideas?

  • Zenmur Derfle

    live control 2 does not work anymore with live 9.1.2 beta2 (and i think after…as usual…thanks ableton!)

  • ST8

    Yep, spotted that, working on a fix 🙂

  • robert

    I give up. 2 months later and no progress. I can get tablet and pc connected, I can move objects like faders on pc and see the movement on ipad and vice versa, but I can’t make the final step and get Live 9.1 to read any midi data from this or lemur. Also, is this lemur? Is live-control needed to get lemur working, or are they two separate things? Can someone please confirm whether or not lemur works with 9.1. Prolly 20+ hours lost to troubleshooting this total nonsense (and I’m out 50 bucks)

  • sadsultan

    Same issue – seems like a great product but very dissapointing

  • sadsultan

    Are there any community members who would walk me through setup? Have followed directions and still no success.

  • ST8

    Please get in touch with support:

  • Antonino Chiaramonte

    hi there, do you have any problem with LiveControl 212 and Live 912? I’m struggling since two days, no way to have it working! downloaded all the latest releases, Lemur app and my computer perfectly matching and communicating, Ableton Live correctly set up… but no way to control the DAW, even if I press few buttons on LiveControl (for ex. transport stop/play) the upper right led in Live blinks… any help or suggestion?
    thank you

  • Erskine White

    I’m having the same problem. No launch availability after upgrading to Live 912.

  • ST8
  • Erskine White

    Works perfectly. Thanks!

  • Pireks

    I did everything I was supposed to and the clip launch screen does not work, so the step sequencer May or may not work. I can however play notes so it does kinda work, but the clip launch and the step sequencer is why I downloaded it in the first place. I don’t have a patience to program my own step sequencer. I just want to play music. I have the latest able ton live. Please help!

  • Pireks

    So, I have downgraded live to 9.0. Then followed the instructions faithfully. Still nothing. I’m having the same problem with shove and any mu template. I can create my own template and live will allow me to midi learn anything I want but I certainly don’t want to try and build any of these templates

  • ST8

    Please get in touch with support:

  • 1nfinitezer0

    is there a changelog for this update? i’m interested to know what changed in the liveosc in 912 as it’s knocked out monome compatibility as well.

  • Letex

    What was the solution that fixed your problem? I have the same one!

  • melkior

    launch doesn’t work…and it’s version 2.1.3 of live control…! on live 9.0..same problem in midi with an alesis dock or in OSC..

  • James Crispy

    Seriously. Does ANYBODY out there have Ableton 9 and Live Control 2 1 3 working with an iPad air? Anybody? If you do, could you do a clear step by step how to? I have tried everything. I have talked to support. This just doesn’t work. ???

  • David

    It works for me. Did you update to the latest version of Ableton 9 (9.1.2)?

  • James Crispy

    Yes indeed. zeroing in on the problem… Will post full remedy when found. It might be a localized problem…

  • James Crispy

    Works now. Thanks to liine support for the help. A few tips that may help:

    – Install the latest version of LiveControl_2_1_3

    – Run the Lemur daemon

    – Run LoopMidi (set up Port A , Port B
    (note: I turn these 2 off using task manager when finished).

    – open latest version of Ableton, open prefs and set:
    control surface = LiveControl 2 1 3
    Input = loopMIDI Port A
    Output = loopMIDI Port B

    Midi Ports
    Input: LiveControl_2_1_3 input….Track = ON
    Output: LiveControl_2_1_3 output….Sync = ON

    on ipad:
    – make sure you have installed LiveControl_2_1_3.jzml into Lemur app

    – connect to the same router as CPU

    – set midi targets to:
    from: loopMIDI Port B (this means iPad receives FROM Ableton via Port B)

    to: loopMIDI Port A (this means iPad sends TO Ableton via Port A)

    That should do it. If it still doesn’t work, make sure you have all the correct files in your MIDI remote scripts folder on your CPU (all files like _Framework, _Tools, etc etc.)

    If it still doesn’t work, contact Liine support They WILL help you solve your problem.


  • RatPie

    Hey everyone, i’ve been a LiveControl1 user for a while now and i was thinking to get Lemur to be able to use LiveControl2.
    I just have a quick question: Is it possible to use 2 devices of LiveControl2 at the same time? i own 2 ipads and i cant manage to make it work with LiveControl1.
    Thank you for your work anyway.

  • newmiacle

    Having issues with iPad Air and Livecontrol 2.

    I’m going through all the steps. Ableton Live 9.1.2, confirmed. LiveControl 2.1.3, confirmed. All the loopMidi, Daemon stuff, and Live MIDI Control options are exactly what is presented in the setup PDF and the suggestions in the thread below.

    No clips visible. Not sure what I’m doing wrong. Are there any common mistakes or problems? Information for trouble shooting this is pretty sparse.

    I’ve emailed the address that has been listed here. Hopefully that will help

  • JonnyL61

    I’m having the same issue. The Launch screen doesn’t show any clips but they are there – I can click on the canvas and the clip button blinks.

  • newmiracle

    Well, I’ve got the connections working. Didn’t even change anything, really. But I rebooted everything one day to trouble shoot and it just worked.

    Started fiddling with it, having fun. Then clip view got out of sync, and the app crashed.

    Now it is how you are describing. Connection is there, I can trigger clips- but they aren’t visible in the app.

    Anyone have a fix for this?

  • newmiracle

    Managed to more or less fix my problem.

    The “Track Title” buttons were the culprit. I removed the “jump” functionality and haven’t had significant problems with the clip view. Going to keep testing, but so far so good.

  • Evan Eliason

    Cannot get LiveControl 2 and Ableton 9.1.6 to work together. Lemur app connects successfully to Ableton Live 9 Suite on MacBook Pro through iConnectMIDI2+ and sends Midi data. However, the template has no proper functionality as no scenes are recognized, and no other objects including transport functions work.

  • Aneek Thapar

    i’m on live 9.1.7 and can’t get this working on iPad.

    Do i need Lemur app?

  • James Gibbs

    I cannot for the life of me, get Live Control 2 running properly. all set up Exactly as instructed. The play function works, it plays notes on selected vst. However, nothing else works, as well as some function controls play notes as a midi note input. Ive nearly had a gutful of these ipad controllers, such a waste of money & time! Im going back to hardware controllers.

  • James Gibbs

    Exactly how mine is set up. Play function works, however it doesn’t read any clip information, nor anything else for that matter. Any ideas?
    Im returning to hardware, Im tired of software updates killing creative flow and wasting hours of my life

  • Matthew

    Live Control 2.1.3 works with Lemur Daemon 4.0.3 using Live 8.3 just fine. I upgraded to Live 9.1.8 with the same Live Control and Lemur setup but now only the “play” portion/keyboard responds. That is, I can’t launch scenes using Live Control nor do the names of the tracks and scenes load up on Live Control. Any help with this would be much appreciated. Strangely enough, I can use Live Control 1 just fine on my version of Ableton Live 9.1.8. Thank you again for releasing this awesome tool.

  • Stéphane Morisse

    Exact same problem here with Lemur 5.2.2 Lemur Daemon 5.2.2 and an iPad 2 running iOS 7. Only the play button works but the template doesn’t populate and the mixer doesn’t work.
    Lemur works nicely if I build my template and use it through Lemur Daemon, or with Max, so I know the communication works.

  • paul desbois

    J’ai trouvé une solution à mon probleme. Je n’avais que la partie “Play” qui fonctionnait. Je suis sous Android(wiko fever) ainsi que seven 64Bits avec ableton 9.5 64bits daemon lemur + loops midi. Pour que ça fonctionne prenez ableton live 9.1.1 32bits, Lemur 5.2.2, LoopsMidi et le template Live Control 2.1.2. Tout fonctionne correctement. Enfin !!!!
    I found a solution to my problem. I had the “Play” section that worked. With current seven 64Bits with Ableton 9.5 64bits + daemon lemur loops noon. To make this work take Ableton Live 9.1.1 32bit Lemur 5.2.2 LoopsMidi template and Live Control 2.1.2. Everything works fine. Finally !!!!

  • paul desbois

    For ableton live 9.1.1 32bits and Windows Seven 64bits (for seven)

    I’m logged in from my Wiko Fever Android wifi to my router and my PC in ethernet router too.

  • Farmatique Kindarush

    Link for “Getting started instructions” is down..

  • Yep, still down 5 months later.

  • ST8

    Appologies, had not spotted that. Link updated, is still correctly linked from the Liine site

  • Galen Pardo

    I am one of the many having issues with the drums and keys section not sending midi info to Ableton, when using TouchOSC. I have seen all of the solutions posted explain that you need to change the midi port, on LiveControl to “LiveControl”, however on my PC the only midi port that is available is the TouchOSC Bridge. Help!

  • ladyz

    greetz, i have a problem, its dont appear on midi section ableton live Option: “livecontrol TO” can you help me??

  • Daniel Roberts

    Hi All, I’m trying to add an additional interface to the Live controller however whenever I do this the “Launch” interface no longer functions correctly. It appears to only display one clip at a time. Any ideas?

  • Daniel Roberts

    If you’re using live control 2 you need to do a manual install of the controller into C:ProgramDataAbletonLive 9 SuiteResourcesMIDI Remote Scripts (for windows 10) the controller will be LiveController_2_1_31. The instructions provide pretty good instructions.

  • Jon Cooper

    you need the livecontrol_to remote script for ableton

  • Galen Pardo

    Yeah, I definitely have done that already.

  • Did you DL the correct driver?

  • whisper

    Does LiveControl 2 only support Liine’s Lemur app?
    What about TouchOSC..?