Wish List / Ideas

  • rud

    In MultiMode (0) with ClipLauncher left and looper right. If pressing Left/Right on the ClipLauncher, make the Looper also go Left/Right

  • rud

    In MultiMode (0) CL Left, Looper right, make the 8th row of the CL as “mute” buttons for the 7 tracks. Use the 8th col 8th row button as SHIFT key, if SHIFT is held, 8th row acts as it does now

  • rud

    In looper view, i don’t think the 8th col bt 1-4 (currently pattern recorders) are very useful. Instead, i wonder if a “store” and “recall” active loops feature wouldn’t be great.
    It’ll store what loops are currently being looped, so you can quickly recall loops positionnings …

  • rud

    In Looper view, make the 8th col 7th row button (the Shift) as a toggle button.
    I love playing with loop sizes, but i have having to keep a finger on that Shift button.
    So, double click == toggle, simple click = latch ?

  • rud

    In Sequencer view, while used on a 64 (or MultiMode 0), the ability to start the “cliip” that resides under the “red box” that highlights the currently being edited midi clip.
    It could be : double click on 8th row 6th button (the one used as SHIFT), or a combo using this button and another button ?

    Additionally, if ableton permits it, it would be nice to have (via SHIFT or another hotkey) the ability to see ONLY midi clips.

    Ie, track 1, 3, 4 are midi tracks containing clips, when activated this mode would show
    row 1 = track 1, row 2 = track 3, row 3 = track 4, showing only midi cliips .. kind of like the way the velocity overlay’s on top while hitting row8 col 7 button ..

  • BigCatRoach

    8×8 button mapping so it can act like a novation launch pad

  • Marco Scaligeri

    I was wondering if it’s possible mapping the Select VST Preset. I’m a keyboardist and on stage that could help me a lot to control sounds!

  • ray

    Looks like it does not run on live9? any plans do make the monome-LC compatible?